South African Innovation?

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Looking for real life examples of South African Innovation? Connect the dots did a riff over at SARocks. She makes very valid points regarding local Innovation:

One of the things that I’ve seen come up time & time again on the blogs of our local web.entrepreneurs is the sheer frustration at the lack of innovation in the ideas that get funded.

Attack of the clones.

I would LOVE to see SA starting to shake off the shackles of learned helplessness and shining as one of the brightest hubs of fresh ideas.

Our friends over at the Bandwidth Barn are hard at work making this a reality with programs like VeloCITI.

we need to individually start rocking it hard if we want this country to get the right kind of attention (that we can be proud of please – not the Bullard version – there are times when all PR is good PR is bollocks)

Bullard: The guy in the cigar ad in The Sunday Times that poses as a column. (is this legal?) Glad to see he’s kicked the cigar from his pics on his bullog.

Back to Innovation. On a quest for some examples of South African innovations. Two I can immediately think of is IncuBeta & Clickatell.

I’ve got some real work to do so if you know of any South African Innovations you’d like to share with us, please do.

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