Facebook less: How to import your blog posts to your Facebook profile

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Has the facebook bug gotten a hold of you? Just started blogging or have been blogging for a while already and want to share your blog with all your friends and the growing number of Facebook users

Say hello to Facebook‘s Import a blog…

You can import posts from one external blog so that they appear along with your notes. Facebook will automatically update your notes whenever you write in your blog. Imported blog posts cannot be edited.

Thing’s you’ll need to import your blog posts into facebook:

  • Your blog’s RSS feed URL
  • A Facebook Account
  • 5 minutes (beware not to get lost in Facebook, 5 minutes not 5 hours)

Instead of killing more valuable time I’ve captial G oogled for a how to and came accross Ask Owen who’s written a great post with the step by step instructions of how to import your blog posts to Facebook.

Heres the executive summary:

  • Notes application
  • Note Settings
  • Import a blog
  • Enter your blog URL
  • Tick the checkbox
  • Click Start Importing

Easy, isn’t it. Now every time you write a new blog post it will be automatically imported into your Facebook notes.

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