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I wake from a deep sleep, as I hear the noise of sirens outside my apartment. With a big stretch and some hidden motivation, I manage to drag myself out of my cacoon and move towards my windows with curiosity.

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  • Chris M

    Thank-you to everyone who votes for me!

  • Shawn N

    Fantastic essay, it’s lovely to see creative writing of this manor!

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  • Kristy

    Love your story cm but I was bought up a small town girl where everything is quiet and you just some times wish for chaos and exitement that adrenaline pumping .Yes to much of it is totally not all that fun but a too quiet life is not all that fun as well.So now i’m living in cape town and I like the chaos i like running around and being busy but now sometimes i pray for some peace and quiet so truth be told there will never be a perfect city at least not for me .