Mandy de Waal, Influence, Blogging and South Africa

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Mandy de Waal Profile picMandy de Waal has written another article: SA’s ten most influential bloggers

A myopic view prohibits local citizen journalism from achieving a global power reach.

I’ve been following Mandy L de Waal since she started following me on twitter and started noticing some obvious patterns regarding Mandy de Waal’s use of Social Media in doing research for her articles and the effects it is having on the various individuals online reputation that, according to Andy Beal, no one but ViperChill is talking about in South Africa. Ok, obvious to Your Web AddiCT, maybe not to everyone. Before Web AddiCT rhetoric sets in let’s focus on the real topic: Blogging in South Africa and perceived Influence.

A Quick look at the top 10 influential bloggers in South Africa according to Mandy de Waal.

Did you count morethan 10 names too?

Ye who have that perceived influence in South Africa. What are you doing with it? If you are thinking…

Small Fry: The Breakfast of Kings & Queens… (nosh them alive.)

Re-Think and set 18 minutes aside to watch this TED talk by Rick Warren on the purpose of influence.

Thank you Mandy de Waal for the mention and thank you to Dave Duarte, Darren Smith, Muhammad Karim, Fred Roed, Adii, Nicholas Haralambous, Ramon Thomas and Tertia Albertyn for the many many mentions.

It is an honour. Now that you have been tagged as one of the “influential bloggers in South Africa” what are you doing with your influence? Would love to hear what you are up to/your opinion.

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