Charged after BarCamp Nigeria

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Mobile Recharge Station - Lagos
Back in Cape Town after a trip to Lagos, Nigeria for BarCamp Nigeria

A quick round-up of the Nigerian Experince.

  • Vodacom international Roaming #FAIL
  • MTN 128k sim card saved the day.
  • SMS is really cheap, 89 South African cent(15 Naira) to send an international SMS.
  • Having 3 phones mobile phones is considered normal by some in Nigeria.
  • Lagos is more humid than Durban… hot and sweaty.
  • Waiting, waiting  and more waiting at Lagos Airport. They do have mobile phone recharge stations with every imaginable mobile phone type charger available all over the place.
  • Baggage went missing in between Cape Town and Lagos. Bye bye to a box filled with 50 Barcamp Nigeria Tshirts.
  • Victoria Island… HEEELp me! What an experience. Naija Night life is fun.
  • Justin Hartman keynote, new service launched by Afrigator called GatorPeeps (micro-blogging almost like twitter, pownce and jaiku)
  • Victoria N’dee Uwadoka (Microsoft East Africa) gave the best Microsoft presentation I’ve ever seen. Maybe because Microsoft wasn’t mentioned once during her presentation :)
  • Breakout sessions were about everything from SEO to Internet Radio.
  • Panel Sessions – Realizing Nigeria’s Internet Potential and another on Mobile Technology which Your Web AddiCT was fortunate to be part of.
  • Winner of the Hash One premium Theme: Oluniyi David Ajao

This post style is inspired by frogfoot joe :) Read more about BarCamp Nigeria at StartupsNigeria

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