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Things might be looking a bit funky on this blog, we’re hard at wwork putting the new look Web AddiCT(s); theme in place.

You are now able to comment on thus blog using your Facebook, Twitter or OpenID account powered by Disqus Comments.


It’d be great if you could post a comment using Facebook, Twitter or your OpenID account using Disqus…

Disqus (dis·cuss • d?-sk?s’) is all about changing the way people think about discussion on the web.

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  • Jason Bagley

    Nice one. Will be interesting to see how the conversation grows now that you using Disqus. Haven’t tried it out myself, so would be great to hear your thoughts in a couple of weeks of using it.

    • Rafiq Phillips

      I’ve decided to use disqus to go with the new theme we’ll be launching pretty soon. Will keep you posted for sure.

  • Fan i am

    Great to be able to comment via various platforms in one place on your site Rafiq, as always though security is a concern

    • Rafiq Phillips

      What do you foresee as security threats using this system Nur?

  • byron rode

    It works nicely, except OpenID using Yahoo requires 2 popups (1 modal and one window), a few clicks to authorize, and then a page reload and only then could I comment, and I am not sure if it would keep comment data (I logged in first), but other than that, no errors or problems on my side..

    Your draggable comments aren’t working though, they just generate scrollbars :)

    • Rafiq Phillips

      TYFYC Bryon

  • Darren Gorton

    Looking good Rafiq. I installed this on my blog last week but can’t get users gravatars to show in the comments section [although I see it in the Disqus admin and in the recent comments widget]. Very weird – sent Disqus a request and they said they’re busy looking at the problem on their system. However its working here fine so maybe I’ll have to uninstall and reinstall.

    Still not sure if disqus or intensedebate is the better option though.

  • Alex

    About a week ago, Disqus added Yahoo! alongside Twitter, OpenID and Facebook..

  • Hostelio

    One of the main advantages Disqus is; it has is the ability for users to login with Facebook Connect where the comments also appear in the commentators newsfeed, which has the capacity to go viral.

  • Vikram

    Its really nice way of commenting

  • Anonymous

    This is my first comment but I feel like I should have been making loads of comments now because I always like your stuff.anti keylogger Maybe comments are for more hit and miss blogs than your own. When you maintain a consistent level of high quality output I reckon people are less inclined to comment because they have come to expect it from you. Just a theory.

  • Jewellery Tips

    I think DISQUS is a great commenting system because I like reading a blog and I used DISQUS plug-in.And DISQUS is also great with the Facebook,Twitter and Open ID…

  • Shane Harris

    DISQUS does have some really cool options and allows for some great customizations DISQUS and Facebook is a awesome…I love it

  • Jessalyn Johnson

    Thanks for the Disqus commenting system this will help my comments more interactive..

  • Kayla Miller

    Disqus makes managing discussions on one or multiple websites painless. Enjoyable, even. With a powerful and intuitive admin interface

  • Hailie Rogers

    I do also think DISQUS is more popular than ID. both services are nice. but i like DISQUS most as it shows comments more quickly..

  • Dominique Flores

    I am new to Disqus but i really like it. It is much better commenting than anything i have seen on wordpress or digg.

  • LSD Addiction

    if you choose not to connect facebook and twitter accounts you won’t receive any notifications through those services. … Comments: For the most part both services offer the same functionality, except that LiveFyre let’s you send your notifications as hourly digests and Twitter notifications on Disqus are sent from theDisqus twitter account rather than the Twitter account of the commenter. … Here’s an image of LiveFyre in the AtomicWeb browser on the iPhone.