FSMS is Another Free SMS app

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Free SMS with FSMS
Free SMS with FSMS

A recently relaunched web application FSMS allows you to send free sms messages to any network in South Africa be it Vodacom, MTN, Cell C or Virgin Mobile. Free SMS has been done before by the networks themselves and by a few other sites in South Africa.

What makes this free SMS service unique?

  • You can send a free sms to any network
  • You can receive replies to those messages in your FSMS inbox. You get notified via email when a reply to your text message has been received but you can only read them when logged into the FSMS site. i guess this makes it more secure.
  • You can create an address book of the individuals you constantly want to send message to like you co-workers, family or friends.
  • An added bonus is the ability to import an address book via CSV so if you have a list of contact and mobile numbers in a spreadsheet somewhere you wont have to manually enter them into the interface over again.

What is missing from FSMS? The one thing I’m missing from the  service is a mobile interface that will enable me to use the web on my phone to send an SMS. Maybe they have a mobile version planned in the near future. If anyone from FSMS reads this please let the Web AddiCT(s); know.

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    this is amazinn best biliv me. i’ve just join hours ago. i love it…

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