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mxit pinAre you one of the hundreds of thousands of MXit peeps who have forgotten their MXit pin number? Have no fear there are now 2 ways for you to get your MXit pin. This post is written in response to the hundreds of emails, blog comments and tweets I’ve gotten over the past couple of years. Leaving a comment with you phone number on this post will not get your MXit pin back.

  1. You can retrieve your MXit pin via SMS. To get your MXit Pin Number SMS ‘pin’ to 34006 from the cell/mobile number you initially registered when you register for the MXit service. This option only works in South Africa.
  2. You can also retrieve your pin number via email. simply complete this form by entering you MXit login name, and E-mail address registered on MXit account.

If you haven’t already, be sure to assign an email address to your MXit account. Do this Now ‘cos there is no other way of retrieving you MXit pin if you’ve lost your sim card or your number has changed.

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