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How many seconds in a day?

The 5 fingers of the #30daychallenge

Back in 2007, we shared the 5 fingers of a business proposal… since it’s the 5th day of my #30daychallenge, it seems like a good time to revisit the topic. Over the next few posts, I’m going to be looking at how those 5 principles apply to other aspects of life and how these same principles …

Hello from #SMX Advanced Seattle

Before you start reading, click play on this somewhat classical artist I’ve recently discovered. Wim Marten’s Often a Bird is the best …

mobile is the future

GovHackSA Cape Town

The #GovHackSA ran as part of an official World Design Capital Event in May 2014 at the offices of 22seven in Cape Town. It was a free,  day-long coding marathon for novice and experienced developers and coders to create new and novel solutions to problems posed to #GovHackSA by the City of Cape Town.   The event took months of planning with City Ministers and Councilmen to open data and create usable data sets that the teams could intergrate and use in their applications. This is a follow on from the new Open Data policy that is in draft stages of being passed in parliament.   There were 3 challenges set, each participant could chose which challenge they wanted to work on, and teams were formed organically. The keynote speakers for this edition was Gertus Byleveld from Journey who highlighted their partnership with Silicon Cape and encourages all developers to turn their applications in businesses.   #GovHackSA were also lucky to have the USA based team from SendGrid who are scoping out South Africa to see the current …