Who owns Vodacom?

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Telkom SA Ltd is presently South Africa’s sole fixed-line telecommunications operator. In May 1997 the South African Government sold a 30% stake in Telkom to SBC Communications and Telekom Malaysia for R5,54 billion.

The telecommunications utility was granted a five-year exclusivity period during which no competition would be allowed on fixed-line telephony. In return Telkom and its equity partners have agreed to deliver 2,8-million new lines and meet service, quality and upgrading targets.

Telkom SA Ltd owns 50% of Vodacom Group (Pty) Ltd.

If i knew that i wouldn’t be a vodacom subscriber. I’ve been using my vodacom number for the past 5 years and do not want to change. Good news is that soon all South African’s will be able to keep their number no matter what Service provider they choose to use. Yebo, Hello, C for yourself

  • limp

    Number portability aint coming out any time soon. I know for a fact that the bigger service providers (VC,MTN) are gonna make it a bloody mission for people to leave them. (eg. lose packages, get a new sim!!, etc. etc. etc.)

    TYFYC limp – What about Cell C? – rafiq

  • LimpNod

    Well Cellc is new, and stand the most to gain from portability. And they have virgin mobile south africa coming soon, so…..they want this thing to happen soon..

    BTW virgin are the ones who really pushed for portability..Otherwise you think our useless governtment would have introduced it?