The making of an AddiCT

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I hardly code in asp anymore!

I am enjoy php much more that asp – challenges are bigger tough, but lots of resources online (just not for this problem). If there aren’t any answers then I ask my Phillips today.

PS: like your blog!

…remembering the days before discovering LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP)

I studied Information Technology at The Cape Technikon, now known as The Cape Peninsula University of Technolgoy(CPUT) since their merge last year(2005) with Peninsula Technikon… wait a minute I’m still studying (part-time student, full time Web AddiCT)

It was my 3rd year of full time studies and these geeks who call themselves snail, slug or some kind of molusc came and did a presentation about volunteering of sorts. The words ‘sponsored by The Shuttleworth Foundation‘ caught my attention. I learnt that most of the World Wide Web (www) runs on open source software (OSS), PHP is OSS, I’ve been using OSS while tinkering on the www without even knowing it. This PHP3 manual one of my Internet Relay Chat (IRC) buddies sent (DCC’ed) me the was OSS. All I could think of was my grandmother telling me to feed my pet slugs salt when I was 5 after I brought a shoebox full of them home after a weekend away from home. If you do not know what happens when you feed snails salt please do not! I am against animal testing. I can still see those little bubbles as clear as day and that was 17 yeasr ago. Now you know my age. Slug, The Schools Linux User Group, another acronym in an industry filled with acronyms. I accidentally added my 2 cents worth of acronym to the blogosphere (1 day the industry ;)) in naming this blog, A Web AddiCT. Find the meaning of A Web AddiCT <= here. It looks like the plot of this post has been lost already. Scroll up... from an email received by an AddiCT in the making, to discoverring the main ingredients of my drug of choice (LAMP), childhood pets losing their shells and becoming OSS volunteers, my age, many, many acronyms. Moral of the story is that OSS is freedom of choice and I'd like to welcome the person who sent me the email, you know who you are, to the wonderful world of being an OSS Web AddiCT(s). If you have read this post and already knew the meaning of all the acronyms I have just mentioned... you might be A Web AddiCT too. The 1st step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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