Win a 17″ LCD by telling people about Firefox or any other Open Source Software

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One of the greatest components of open source is the community of people around the software. These passionate people dedicate much of their time to only developing the best software in the world, but also promoting the awareness and the use of open source.

The FREEDOM league is designed to bring together the best of the open source world and the massive country-wide community of people driven to introduce as many new people as possible to the use of open source software. Anyone with the passion and ability can sign-up as an open source GEEK and receive all the materials needed to convert as many people and computers as possible. GEEKs will be able to log their installs and track their progress.

The campaign is open to all South Africans and aims to not only increase the number of people using open source, but to also grow and expand the open source community to thousands of people. It is the strength of the community that is what makes open source great, and it is the community that helps to grow and nurture those new to open source.

Soon we will see South Africans as the leading open source proponents in the world, and all South Africans will thrive on the benefits that open source has afforded them.

If you feel that you have the drive and the will to make a difference, then SIGN UP NOW!

I’ve lost track of all the open-source installations I’ve done. How would assisting in the installation of a TuxLab count?

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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