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The previous posts about MXit have become so popular that I thought I’d give you a little more info. So you want to Access MXit from you computer? What is the use of sitting at the PC and having the screen blurr when you cell (mobile) phone’s GPRS is active?

[update] Get MXit PC now, no more mpowerplayer problems
Ok, You’ll need 2 things to run MXit on you PC:

  1. Firstly you’ll need Java, which you can get at You’ll see a big green “Free Java Download” button on the homepage. Just click it and follow the instructions to install Java.
  2. Next you’ll need to install mpowerplayer, which you can get at Same story, you’ll see on the homepage a blue “Free Download” button in the center of the page. Just click it and wait for mpowerplayer to automatically download and install.

Once those 2 things are installed, you open the mpowerplayer application and search for mxit in the provided search box. Click on the MXit logo that was returned in the search results and bingo, you have MXit on your PC.

[update] Watch the step by step video of how to run Mxit on your PC here

[update] Get MXitPC now, no more mpowerplayer problems

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  • def

    Oi, thanks for the trackback 🙂

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  • SchiZo

    Hey thanks for the info I downloaded the mpowerplayer and launched mxit it loads up i add the number, pin and name but it dosen’t wanna regisiter the info it says my GPRS settings are wrong Can anyone help?

  • cole

    i is we pay?

    Pay for what? – rafiq

  • cole

    pay 4 usin mxit on pc

  • Thank you for your comment. Please consult the forum at the mxit website.

  • cole

    plz can i have their add

    forum [dot] mxit [dot] co [dot] za – rafiq

  • cole

    how do i launch mxit from my pc i downloaded it

  • marc

    how do i download mxit to my pc.

    Thank you for your comment.. You are able to emulate it. Please read the above post again – rafiq

  • EZRA


  • are there any chargers to having the JAVA application, Mxit running from ones PC.

  • trishen

    how do edit ur fone number coz i neeed 2 change da number so i can get my other contacts

    Thank you for your comment trishen – please consult the mxit forum on their website for help with this. – regards rafiq


  • 3m1l

    I get the app running up till the signup page but then when i do sign up it tells me.

    MXit encountered a problem. It could be due to many reasons such as Network changes or a MXit system error; Try to reboot your phone and log-on again. If you forgot your PIN, SMS the word PIN to 34006. (cost R2)

    So what the hell do i do now? do i have to be logged in on mxit on my phone if i wanna use the java app via the pc ?

    Bec i see there are ppl here that know how to use mxit via pc. Plz help

    Thanks for comment. No you do not have to be logged in on you phone. Try again by clicking the link above. Bookmark the page so whenever you need to run MXit you can just click the link. – rafiq

  • BRAN


    Thank you for your comment. That question can be anwsered by over 500000 people. If you seen a teenager hanging in your local mall smiling at his mobile/cell phone. Ask him/her what mxit is. After laughing they might just answer. Please ask their parents permission before speaking to them though. – rafiq

  • COLE

    what the hell is mxit

    Hi COLE, Thank you for your comment, questions the should answer your question: What the hell is MXit?

  • seelan

    how do i change the cell number and log in a new number on mxit on the computer!!!!thanks

    Thank you for your comment. Same way you change your number on your cell phone. if that doesn’t work consult the mxit fourm. – rafiq

  • cole

    rafiq did u creat mxit 4 pc

  • cole
  • cole

    get the app running up till the signup page but then when i do sign up it tells me.

    MXit encountered a problem. It could be due to many reasons such as Network changes or a MXit system error; Try to reboot your phone and log-on again. If you forgot your PIN, SMS the word PIN to 34006. (cost R2)

    So what the hell do i do now? do i have to be logged in on mxit on my phone if i wanna use the java app via the pc ?

    Bec i see there are ppl here that know how to use mxit via pc. Plz help

    Thanks for comment. No you do not have to be logged in on you phone. Try again by clicking the link above. Bookmark the page so whenever you need to run MXit you can just click the link. – rafiq

  • cole

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    Any person who stays away from work or come in late often without a valid reason WILL not be rewarded

    rafiq can i get a job 15 m south africa durban

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  • cole

    i want a job as a manager

  • cameron

    i have a problem, whenever you want to enter a chat room it requres moola.
    How do you get moola without having to send an sms.

    Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure if it is possible to get mxit moola without sendign an SMS. How do you expect them (ClockSpeed) to make any money? – rafiq

  • duran

    how can i make it such that i have to reg. everytime b4 loggin on even if its by usin a different no.

    Thanks for you comment duran . Try the mxit forum. – rafiq

  • duran

    that werent much help…

  • duran

    but thnx neway!



    THabks for comment. Stop shouting dude. Try the Mxit forum – rafiq

  • wesley

    hello ppl

    When translating to a language a Web AddiCT understands it would be “Saluton Mondo“- rafiq

  • please help!!!! i have a motorola c650 and i’m on vodacom. i have had mxit on my phone before but somehow it was deleted! to my horror! now i can’t get mxit on my phone or access it via pc. it says login/registration failed or fatal error!!!!!!!!!!! please i need mxit! thanx a bunch!

    Hi Carileigh – Thanx for comment. Please try the mxit website’s support forum for help. – rafiq

  • waz

    is there something wrong with your website ,cause i tried to downloud Mxit

    Thanks for comment waz. MXit is not available to download on my site. have you tried downloading it form the MXit site? – rafiq

  • Lil_tHuG_bIaTcH

    Mx has issues…..i had it recently bt dn i deletd it n re-registered aftr dt bt it says login/registration failed or fatal error, iv bin lukin thru da site n forum bt dint find eny help, mah mpowereplay seyz da sme ting azwel ..wt2do??plz hlp**

    Thanks for your comment – 2much mxit support makes me understand this language. Please ask the users on the mxit forum by posting or searching the site itself. I would not suggest using Google for searching as it will lead you back here ;) Let me translate the above for you who don’t. “MXit has issues. I had it recently but then i delted and re-registered after that but it says login/registration failed or fatal error. I’ve been lookign through the site and forum but did not find any help. my mpowerplayer says the same thing. What to do? Please help.” – rafiq


  • i cant blieve how fast mxit is overtaking peoples lives reall its amzing, anyway i love it!and if it ever shuts down therell be chaos!i wana chat from pc 2 but i cant!help

    Thnaks for your comment uraban angel – The Mxit revolution will not be televised. It will be blogged about though 🙂

  • urban angel

    How do i chat from my pc!!!!!!!!!!!! please help!!!!!

    Hi. Please read this: How to run Mxit from your computer.

  • ilyas

    why can i not download mxit for an i-mate pocket pc

  • Ares

    are u stupid it will not work on ur pocket pc because it was not designed to pocket pcs hav different OS’s to pc and cells so therefore it will not work

    Hi Ares. Thanks for your comment 🙂 lol – rafiq

  • Ares

    sorry ilays i forgot somthing ur pocket pc has a embedded OS which means that it will only work on that specific peace of hardware. if u want the mxit thing to work pls get a pc and then click on the link at the top

  • Jeska

    I love MXit!

  • mat

    downloaded mpower player, what do i do next? how do i get mxit loaded?

    next? click here – rafiq

  • tyrant

    how do i get mpower player!!!!!!!!

    Thanks. Read This. – rafiq

  • Ares

    hey what is the cost for runing mxit on the pc. how does cost work

  • Hey

    Running MXIT on pc wont cost y much trust me…..

  • Ares

    so r u shure that there r no hidden costs

  • Goku Base

    I need Mxit but I cant get it

    Stu Please read this. – rafiq

  • Moe

    Yo rafiq,i got mpowerplayer, when i try running mxit i get the login/registration failed error, make sure gprs is set-up and available, plz advise.

    Yo Moe. Please read this. – rafiq

  • Moe

    The previous posts about MXit have become so popular that I thought I’d give you a little more info. So you want to Access MXit from you computer? What is the use of sitting at the PC and having the screen blurr when you cell (mobile) phone’s GPRS is active?

    Blurr no more With mpowerplayer you are able to run MXit and other cell (mobile) phone applications like Opera Mini.

    Im sure the chocolate cake that wrote this knew what he was talkin about before he fooled evryone into beleiving mxit will work on a computer, you need to get your access points checked out bra or is you proxy stuked up so deep where the sun dont shine?

  • terisa

    hey i downloaded the mpowerplayer and i typed in as my url but its saying invalid url plz help becoz i,ve been trying for 2 hours

    Hi terisa. TYFYC. Have you tried with an X? maybe? Let us know if this helps. – rafiq

  • Ding

    mxit doesn’t work with mpowerplayer nemore…it says could not load 4rm website…wat i mus d0 now?

    Hi Ding. TYFYC. Try running Mxit it straight from here. Bookmark (Add to Favourites) this page and click the link whenever you want to run MXit on your pc. – rafiq

  • Ricardo

    what about pimp my mxit why they close down the website and can i use it one mpowerplayer

  • Duriel

    I dont know how to get MXit to run on the PC. What do I do?

    You need to read the post again please, slowly. – rafiq

  • Melissa

    mxit doesn’t wana work on my phone and i dunno y cause the website says that my phone can take it… it’s a samsung X600… i know i this is probably the wrong place to ask but i posted something on the forum but they haven’t replied at all to me yet… please try help

    Ok – What error messages are you getting when trying to Run Mxit on your Samsung x600?

    Who is you service proivider?

    respond to this by posting another comment. i’m sure the other mxit users who frequent this page will be able to help you with your mxit problems. Maybe ClockSpeed will even post the solution 😉 – rafiq

  • Melissa

    it keeps on saying there was an error and that i mus try again later…

  • Melissa

    oh and i’m on cell c

  • Courts

    The new nokia 6111 u know the flippy one i cant get my mxit to workk any 1 knnow how..

  • hey the does Mxit also connect from pc to phone

    Hello Jojo. TYFYC – rafiq

  • bitlord

    hey how can you connect to mxit via pc

    learn to drive

  • ozz

    how do you use mxit via your computer

    Yo ozz, TYFYC. I was @ CPUT too. Not sure what you’re studying but in end-user computing you were taught to read the manual before asking for help. Consider this blog A Group of Web AddiCT(s); manual. – rafiq

  • hdp

    hey rafiq… how can i change the cellphone number on mpowerplay???

  • bazz

    my mxit on the computer use to work last month but now it says sumthin bout the url wots wrong with it

    Hi Bazz – TYFYC – What i do when needing to run mxit on my pc is returning to this page and clicking on every time. – rafiq

  • dieter

    hi,i cant download mPower stops during the download and says theres a corruopt file.Plz help

    Hi Dieter – TYFYC – please try it again. – rafiq

  • Wobble

    I have downloaded mpowerplayer onto my pc and I have gotten it to open. The trouble is when I “open url” the links never work. Does any one know where I can download the mxit.jar file onto my PC. Or an url that works. The and defza urls are not opening mxit for me in mpowerplayer. Somebody please help.

    TYFYC wobble – rafiq

  • Itcha

    Will someone please tell me how to change the name you use in chat rooms?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    TYFYC – You must be Itcha’ing to change your nick. When you’re in the room enter .nick Scratcha and your nick will be changed to Scratcha or what ever your would like your nick to be in the MXit chat rooms. – rafiq

  • irvine

    how do i talk to a cell phone from a computer

    TYFYC irvine, read this please – rafiq

  • Mohaqmed Fareed Amod

    i want to down loaD ON MY COMPUTER as soon as possible

    mohamed fareed amod

    TYFYC Mohaqmed Fareed Amod – Try reading this page again. and again and again. if you are still stuck try the mxit forum – rafiq

  • riaaz

    hi guys! i donwloaded mpowerplay and installed it. everytime i try to open a url, the message i get is “unknown content” can anybody help? would really appreciate it!

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  • Itcha

    How do I cancel my MXit account?!?!?! Please help!!!

  • Dhiren

    Cool beans…
    Mxit is kief

  • Ares

    hey can u tell me if i can u guys can get the new MXit version on our PCs pls and replace the link at the top pls thnx a million, Ares

    TYFYC Ares – just a pimped up fake version. please read this. -rafiq

  • Terrence

    how do i find out how to do all the smileys on my phone eg, 🙂 and (G)

    all mxit smileys
    new mxit smilies
    all new mxit smileys

    All the smileys available in MXit:
    “:-)�, “:)�
    “:-(�, “:(�
    “;-)�, “;)�
    “:-D�, “:D�, “:->�, “:>�
    “:-|�, “:|�
    “:-O�, “:O�
    “:-P�, “:P�
    “:-$�, “:$�
    + new ones:
    :-e OR :e
    : -x OR : x

  • Terrence

    i am sure there are more there is also a green smiley face on the phone if you rite (G) and cant i get a print out of themm i was at a chicks house and saw that she had a print out of them sweet thanks

  • Terrence

    :-l doesnt work on the phone

  • Shannon

    please tell me Rafiq how to get it working on computer after i type in it can’t load and if i try my own downloaded one it doesn’t work

    Hi Shannon – TYFYC – Bookmark this page (add to favourites) and click the link every time you want to run mixit on your pc 😉 – rafiq

  • Ares

    hey, when will the officialise versions of the new MXits’ com out ppl. i want and upgrade

  • john




    tyfyc john. run mxit by bookmarking this page (Ctrd-D Firefox, Add to favouriotes with Internet Explorer) and click the link.

  • Nic

    Hey i got this mpowerplayer thingy but wen i try 2 get onto mxit it say it an invalid url pls help

  • bazz

    why does mxit not work on the computer it says theres somthing wrong with the url can some 1 tell me wots wrong?n does any1 mxit work on the computer?and is there a nother way to get mxit on the computer

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  • Baz

    Hi I wonder if you could help me. I’ve used mxit before and changed my phone, I downloaded it to my new phone and entered in all the correct details. but when i register it says: Fatal Errpr: Mxit encounted a problem. it could be due to many reasons such as network changes or a Mxit system error. please help…

  • lunch

    Quote by Baz:
    Hi I wonder if you could help me. I’ve used mxit before and changed my phone, I downloaded it to my new phone and entered in all the correct details. but when i register it says: Fatal Errpr: Mxit encounted a problem. it could be due to many reasons such as network changes or a Mxit system error. please help…

    driving school

    It said that to me when I had registered before, then deleted mxit, then downloaded it again, and then used the wrong pin again when trying to re-register. They’ve got all your details on their server (Under your phone number) so when you try to register again you HAVE to use the pin you used before. If you forgot, sms PIN to 34006 [costs R2]. Hope this helps you! p.s Alternatively you could just get a new SIM card.

  • mxit on my pc works for like 30-40 min then freezes and stops responding so i have to exit and login again and on my Sony erricson T630 it does the same thing

  • george

    Hello ppl

    wen i have clicked games on mpowerplayer how do i gwet back to mxit without reloading ?? wat is the url to load mxit ,does anyone know ??!!!


  • Styles u know this!!

    Mxit on ur PC..But thats what MSN is for..Anyways….to all MXIT fans…WOOOOOHHOOOOOO

    TYFYC Styles – Q: Can you chat to MSN, jabber, MXit, Google Talk/Gmail Chat from MSN? A: NO! -rafiq

  • Styles u know this!!

    Rafiq yeah i know u cant but MSN rocks DUDE. Why wud u need the rest.
    Anyways MXIT FANS. hope to catch urll in the chat rooms. U know how e do IT!!

    You haven’t used Google talk have you? – rafiq

  • Styles u know this!!

    Rafiq. yeah i have. Anyways man just kidding. u know i love me my MXIT.
    although msn is in my heart always 😉

  • john


  • shana

    how do u de-register mxit on da pc

    TYFYC shana – Can anyone out there help shana, cos i do not know the answer to this one. -rafiq

  • john

    how do u de-register mxit on da pc

    TYFYC shana – the hard way do do it is to reinstall windows-john

  • john

    rafiq how do i change my fne numb on mxit for pc

  • Ares

    hey, when will the officialise versions of the new MXits’ com out ppl. i want and upgrade

  • john




    TYFYC cracky. Im getting ******** sick and tired of this. How you run mxit on your pc is by reading this whole page again and again and again. it might click.

  • KTHonFire

    Dude, How do I LOG IN with my Present Mxit Number
    Cus everytime I open it it tells me to register
    Please tell me how to just LOG IN
    Please reply A.S.A.P
    Please Raafiq

    TYFYC – Thats rafiq with one ‘a’ – To log in to mxit with your mpowerplayer, read the instructions – rafiq

  • Josh

    WTF? cant connect!!! HELP????

    TYFYC Josh – It seems Vlive has died on us, cant check my mail, cant google & no MXIT. Had to send real expensive sms messages instead of the free vodacom4me messages from my phone.

  • Conman

    hi there i downloaded mpowerplayer and entered a mxit account, but now i want to change my mxit acc to another, how can i do this on my pc…….

    having problems…pls help

    TYFYC conma? . Can anyone here help, without re-installing, I have no clue. – rafiq

  • Shaniqua

    i installed it now i can’t find it anywhere, i even used search

    driving school

    TYFYC – Bookmark this page and whenever you want to run mxit on your pc click here.

    This will be the last comment I read/answer/approve regarding running mxit on your pc. Please read the other comments, if it hasn’t been asked anywhere on this blog or go to the MXit user forum forum[dot]mxit[dot]co[dot]za. MXit have a guy that moderates the forum and gets paid to do so. I have a life and a job to do. – rafiq

  • Conman

    i tries reinstalling, and the sam details keeps coming up of my old account

  • john

    Conman Says:

    June 15th, 2006 at 14:24
    i tries reinstalling, and the sam details keeps coming up of my old account

    tyfyc u cant gt a new account u have to reinstall windows

  • john

    This will be the last comment I read/answer/approve regarding running mxit on your pc. Please read the other comments, if it hasn’t been asked anywhere on this blog or go to the MXit user forum forum[dot]mxit[dot]co[dot]za. MXit have a guy that moderates the forum and gets paid to do so. I have a life and a job to do. – rafiq

    tyfyc ill try to do rafiqs job ………. only available on weekends ppl……..l8er

  • JOHN



  • JOHN



  • I need help,when i run mxit on mpowerplayer i run it and once i exit when i go back into the mxit file it opens the mpowerplayer catalog with all the latest downloads and the only way i can use mxit more than once is by downloading it again then it works i exit and download it again

  • TYFYC Weeman – Bookmark this page and come back for more 🙂

  • Reggie

    How do u open multiple instances of mxit on ur pc with different profiles? Is it possible?

    TYFYC – can anyone answer this question? Ill give anyone who answers this a limited edition MXit sticker. – rafiq

  • Ten

    I’ve downloaded mpowerplayer and registered for MXit but it wont connect. HELP!! =(

  • Corne

    Maybe I am stupid, but doesn’t matter what link I use, mpower starts to open the url and then gives an error “Failed to load the application properties: http//” I wil LOVE some help!

    TYFYC Corne – Me thinks you need the latest JRE. Get the latest JRE here – rafiq

  • Corne

    Thanks rafiq, but that IS the link that I used, I got it from one of your posts where you explain why mxit link above don’t work, so I went to the site and installed the app, and afterwards I even checked for updates, app responded that I had the latest software. (Java runtime) Anny other suggestion, and thanks for the trouble.

  • Corne

    rafiq, I tried reinstalling JRE, and I was told that I had allready installed JRE but that I can verify the instalation, with the folowing results: Java Runtime Vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.
    Java Runtime Version 1.5.0_07 .

  • nicole

    I keep getting disconnected but don’t register as offline. When I am online I do not get my msgs and have to go out and come back in to get them. also, my msgs do not get sent.

  • ha mxit team i keep on tying to get mixt onto my pc but i dont know what to do plz send me everything i need to know on how to download mxit to my pc.

    your man

    the crazy one

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  • sweet blog, >

  • hay wats up

    because im new on mxit pc can anyone please tell how i can chat to other people in a forum

  • JAY

    Hello, m facing a peculiar problem. i had mxit before and it worked fine. then, i deleted it. now, whenever i try to download it from mxit website it starts downloading, but after sumtime shows ” response unkown” error. i use a Nokia 6610i. i m from India. plz send me a solution on my mail.

  • Sugarryy_thing

    alo awl ya ppl

    wow a vewi kewl forum indeed
    most ppl here need to learn to read properly before posting questions
    i downloaded mpower player n followed the instructions directly from the site, no hassles… its really that simple

    thanks Rafiq 🙂

    TYFYC Suarryy_thing – someone reads 🙂 Would you like some MXit stickers? – rafiq

  • Sugarryy_thing

    lol, yeah man i would love some mxit stickers!!!

    even though im not entirely sure wot one would do with mxit stickers

  • kaykay

    can i chat on mxit on my pc?

    TYFYC rukeya – I have 2 questions for you:

    • Does MXit use less data when transfering messages compared to mig33?
    • Am I a Web AddiCT?

    The answers to both those question are exactly the same as the answer to your question. Please read this page and the comments from the lovely users of MXit – rafiq

  • Tilley

    What if you dont have a cellphone that is mxit capable and want to register on a pc for the first time?

  • Tilley

    Nevermind solved the prob!

    TYFYC – how did you solve the problem? – rafiq

  • Im on mxit on my pc. How do I get moola if im using the pc to mxit??

    TYFYC Jermaine – the same way you get moola on your phone, send an SMS (from your phone) – rafiq

  • Tilley

    Remembered that i had a acc on my stolen phone 😉
    But you could use somebodys phone to make an acooount make sure it works. Then delete it and let somebody else download mxit and make a new acc aswell. Then use the acc that you created on ur cellphone, the first time, and enter those log in settings into the pc version. 🙂
    Should solve the problem.

  • mixer

    Please refer me to a link where I can download an emulator for .jar files in order to run “mxitk.jar.jnlp”.
    so i can chat on mxit using pc.


  • KTHonFire

    I wanna log in with my number
    But everytime I start it up, i have to sign up

  • Turdy`n`Nurdy

    why the hell do u peeps talk this much

  • Keetee

    hey does mxit work overseas… cause i’m immigrating and still want to chat to all my friends in SA… please help….


  • sweet devil

    im tryin to download mxit from the pc. i hav deleted my friends mxit from the pc and wen i go to download it again it downloads her mxit how do i change her profie to my pfofile aft deletin n re downloadin on the pc.

  • sugar

    im usen a nokia 7250i sim. reception is always up n down. every time i try to log on to mxit it keeps sayin GPRS connection not available even wid full reception.and at night 5sec after i do log on i get disconnected!

  • Duan

    when i try to download mxit onto my samsung D500 it doesnt want to work. it says UNABLE TO DOWNLOAD. can anyone help??????????


    watz up rafiq how do u gt da new version wid logos and new backrounds even if it is illegal

    TYFYC mfa – no idea, does anyone reading this know? – rafiq

  • how do i run mxit from my computer? i want to logon from my computer…..when im on the website…then theres a link that says “click here to run MXIT on your computer… i click on ther….save it wherever….open it then i dont know what do do!! Can someone plz help???

    TYFYC Maroefah – Have you read this about running MXit on your PC? – rafiq

  • What if you dont have a cellphone that is mxit capable and want to register on a pc for the first time?

    TYFYC Maroefa – I’m sure it is possible, all you need to do is register on your pc with the exact same number as your non-mxit capable mobile/cell phone. All you’ll use you phone for is purchasing moola via sms. I wonder if anyone else has tried this. Can anyone out there help Maroefa with this query? – rafiq

  • Turdy ‘n Nurdy

    Please shut up we cant help it if we need help! You stupid nerd!!! Its beta to be clever than act cleva!

  • john

    Duan Says:

    July 8th, 2006 at 14:19
    when i try to download mxit onto my samsung D500 it doesnt want to work. it says UNABLE TO DOWNLOAD. can anyone help??????????

    tyfyc i also have a d500 n i gt same msg

  • Adi

    hey mxit on my pc doesnt want 2 dwnld… HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    TYFYC Adi – This should help before running MXit on pc – rafiq

  • Adrian

    I have dowloaded mxit for pc, and connect without a problem – but as soon as I shut it down, and restart the app, it goes to a game screen. How do I connect to mxit again from the mpowerplayer app?

    TYFYC Adrian – Bookmark/Add to favourites this page and whenever you need to run MXit on your pc click the link. – rafiq

  • The stig

    How do i use mig33 on pc? plz help…………

  • eddie;-)

    Hay there. I have noticed that you have some people lookingh at how to get mxit on the PC. I go through you’re link and I have gotten as far as the registration but come up with the error “mxit encountered a problem”. Now I already have a mxit account, also I connect to the net via ADSL. How can I get past this…

  • Leadnor

    what are the costs involved if I just wanna chat to one of my friends? do they charge my sim card or the internet costs or what?(we have adsl) please let me know as soon as possible thanks.

  • Hay all, I’ve found out why you get an error when you try to register. If you do not have an existing mxit account you shouldn’t have a problem but if you have an existing account then make sure that all you’re details are the same as when you registered on you’re cell(mobil) phone. Also do not trust the numbers on you’re keyboard as they are backwards with the mpowerplayer program. Instead use you’re mouse to enter in the numbers for you’re password. With regard to the ADSL charges, if you know about ADLS then you would know that you pay a set amount per month. ADSL works on usage and you will barey see the usage from you’re mxit conversations. I hope this is helpfull… Eddie;-)

  • The stig

    Can Mig33 be run on pc? anyone help plz…….

  • Leadnor

    Thanks alot!!!

  • Leadnor

    How come some of my messages dont go through? and I only recieve some. I can chat for a while then all of a sudden the person doesnt get my message and I dont get hers. whats wrong pls help

  • tanx 4 trying r u da manager of mxit ??????????????????????????????????????????

  • my mxit and mpowerplayer dont wana work on my pc… plzz help..

  • Hi,
    I have read each and every one of the comments that have been posted, to find out how I could fix my own problem.
    I have only just discovered that you can access Mxit off your pc, I have win98 (for starters) and I’d like for my Mxit to work, I have downloaded all the necessities for it to work. I place my info in the required fields and then it says registering, then.. My pc freezes! (cntl + alt + del)… (puke) Have you any idea why? Please get back to me. Regards 🙂

  • michaela

    ok well i got mxit working for a while then when i try to launch it again then its starts as java then mxit doesnt show up!!!i would really like to go on mxit but its not working anymore can anyone help me?

  • Hi, no worries about my last post.

    I just needed to be patient 😛

    … One thing though, how could I make my system run faster, as the programme on Mxit slows my pc down horribly! Bare in mind maybe it’s my crappy win98
    I know I know “upgrade already!” it’s not for me to upgrade though. Anyways, please get back to me..

    Regards, 🙂

  • plse help it disappeared and i cant find it!!!


  • hells-angel

    confused…ok so i nly get 2the part where it asks what model fone i hav n then i refuses 2work…help

  • hells-angel

    ooops i meant then it refuses 2 work
    my bad

  • does it cost you money when sending a msg on mxit on you pc?

    : -x: x

    : -x: x

  • street legal

    why mxit on your computer its a waste!!!!!!! onn cellphone its betta!!!!!!!! PS OLANDO PIRATES ARE GONNA BEAT MAN UTD!!!

  • dj phil

    it is a cool program to have

  • mz

    how do you start a new mxit on your pc and get rid of the old one?

  • why am i so cool

    Who’s cool? – rafiq

  • HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!

  • ron666

    i use opera browser. i cant even download the java software at any other place where i can get the java desktop software?

  • NaNo

    You need to install java runtime first (go to

    Then you need mpowerplayer ( download at
    (You will need java to install mpowerplayer) (You can run any mobile games using this program)

    How to launch Mxit!
    (You must be connect to the internet to launch this application)

    1. Be sure that you have both of the programs above installed
    2. Create a new shortcut on your desktop
    3. At “type the location of the item” enter the following :
    4. Next choose the name of yout program and click finish
    5. Change the icon if you like
    6. Run the shortcut(Internet Explorer will open for about 5 seconds and close again, After that mpowerplayer should start.)

    TYFYC NaNo – Would you like to moderate the comments made by MXit users here? give me a shout and i could give you access to the comments on this page. – rafiq

  • kitten

    how do i delete mxit off my computer to put it on my fone

  • baby_girl*

    i want to register mxit on my computer and have downloaded everything that is needed. Is it necessary to use the same password i used on my phone because everytime i type it in on the pc it says it is too simple but on my phone, it just accepts it.
    TYFYC baby_girl* – it might be that the newer versions of mxit doesn’t like easy passwords (like 1234). The version on your pc might be an updated version of mxit version 3. I wonder if the people at MXit could answer that. Have you tried asking the MXit forum for help? – rafiq

  • eddie;-)

    Hay there Rafiq’… I use mxit all the time on my phone and on the PC, I stay up to date with it all and can really help some of the people here. Is there a way to directly reply to, or moderate the comments of other addicts here? Let me know… Eddie;-)

    TYFYC eddie 😉 – I’ve sent you a invite to chat in Gmail, we can discuss it further there – rafiq

  • puppy

    help me plz. need to get mix it on my pc

  • NaNo

    Ye rafiq, i would like that… 🙂

    Is there anyway i can give you a help file i have written? Then you can put it on website….

    kinda says all that you need to know and its very small file

    Its also easy to use

  • baby_girl to solve your problem, you will need to do the following…..

    1.. open mxit wif your phone and log onto your acount
    2..Open the main menu
    3..Click on settings and then open profole
    4..Now you can change your MXIT pin
    5..Change it to a more complex pin but it must remain 4 digit (something like 2843, or 5319 or something ::no sequence::)
    6..Accept the new settings
    7..Now open MXIT on your computer and enter the new pin
    8..You should now be able to log on to you account

    (Just remember not to be on wif you cell and PC at the same time, otherwise both will start reconnecting)

    Reply if problem presists

  • BandoH

    i use mxit on the pc casue i type a gazillion times faster on the keybord and i find that the link at the top always work no matter what but can i stop my mxit bombing out while alt tabbing between full screen apps or not ?

  • I will check if i have the same problem, but i think it might be your PC becozi have played warcraft oline and used alt tab without any errors…. Try to reinstall mpowerpalyer.. I will c if can find out anything new

  • Testing

  • BandoH

    it is when i play warcraft i play dota alot but it seems to bomb out after about 10 or so alt tabs

  • taz

    hay. mxit always worked on my pc until now! everytime i try to log in it says registration failed n that i must set up my gprs. but it is set. i just don’t know whats wrong with it! can anyone please please help!! i really need mxit!?

  • Raz

    I’ve ben running mxit off my pc for a while now, but for the last two days it keeps saying that my login/ registration has failed and that i should check if my GPRS is set up and available… has mxit on the pc been discontinued???

  • NaNo

    Same happens 2 me. I formatted my PC then it worked for a while, but now it is giving same error

  • NaNo

    Rafiq sorry lost your email Dies the same happen to you?? I tried everything but it doesnt work

  • Phaite

    Ok… so lets see. MY mxit been fine for a while.. Now one day i cant log in with mpowerplayer version on the pc.. says Some crap about the gprs not being connected and stuff…. So i try on my phone.. All my details are asked for when i log in .. but the password is missing and i have to fill it in.. So i think this is the same problem for Mpowerplayer version… How do you change ur details.. i dont get that screen anymore asking to register so i cant put pin in again.. how can i access this page again before logging in?

  • I just tried now & it’s noo working 🙁 Let me chat to my buddies over at MXit and see whats up…

  • hey.. i really need help, i hav mxit on my pc but for these 2days it doesnt wana log in, it keeps sayin reconnecting…. pweeez help!!

  • Leadnor

    Hey, It seems like its happend to everyone. Well as soon as anyone finds out what happend please let us know.. Thanks alot guys.

    Alot of people really like mxit on there pc’s and it would be a shame if they discontinued it or something. Anyway hope to hear from u guys soon.

  • thanx 4 lettin me knw leadnor…

  • i launch mxit on my computer swt angel and everyone else it works fine
    explain to me wat does it say wen u log on
    best regards {hope u find your way out and log on soon}

  • i launch mxit on my computer swt angel and everyone else ,it works fine
    explain to me wat does it say wen u log on
    best regards {hope u find your way out and log on soon}

  • The stig

    anyone else having probs using mxit on mpowerplayer? mine says that GPRS is not correctly set up, how to solve it? anyone help plz…….

  • Wesley

    yeah im also having the same problems (reconnecting, no gprs)
    does anyone know if it stopped working since they did that server upgrade? i recon thats the problem, they probably trying to make sure only their client connects to the server and from a cellphone.
    i’m holding thumbs

    ps. i dont know why the mxit guys are moaning about these modified mxits, why dont they just release a how to on their website and then people can mod them theirselfs. its really not rocket-science 😉

  • Handri

    why does the phone say when I try to download mxiy on my phone AGAIN network not available????

  • Handri

    or it says network not available???

  • Tilley

    Hey Rafiq, what ur buddies over at Mxit sayin the prob is?
    Its a really irritatin prob. But i have tried absolutel everything!
    Really beginin to **** me off!

  • taz

    anything on the prob yet? pls. all of us really really want mxit back! =(. pls let us knw asap! thanks!!

  • Tilley

    I think i shall sleep on it and come up with a genius idea in the mornin!
    COME ON RAFIQ. You can doo IT!!!!!

  • Noxxy

    Wat happenin? cannot live widout it!

  • Phaite

    oh waht tooo dooo… :9 i dont wana have 2 pay for gprs on my phone…. 🙁

    Work mxit on pc… WORK!~!! 😛

  • my mxit not running says i should check gprs setting pls advise

  • Phaite

    No solution yet?

  • Leadnor

    Hey Guys I think Rafiq is trying everything he can to learn whats going on and trying to fix it. Cut him some slack ok?..

  • Oversized Ant

    And i yhought i was the only 1!!!! OMG :O i almost formatted 80gig of new music to get mxit back!!!!

  • Tilley
  • JOHN

    The stig Says:

    July 21st, 2006 at 20:46
    anyone else having probs using mxit on mpowerplayer? mine says that GPRS is not correctly set up, how to solve it? anyone help plz…….

    hey stig i also have th@ problem

  • Tilley

    Everybody who wants their Mxit fixed use the above link. It WORKS!! Follow it word for word and it will work.

  • def

    The problem is with new version of MPowerplayer – if you say “Always” when it trys to connect, it can’t connect…

    “This application is attempting to access the network. Do you want to allow this application to access the network.”

    You must say “yes” everytime…

    If you’ve already said “always”, well, I did find a way around 🙂
    Click here for more info!

    Fixed! (Work around)

  • def
  • thanx def, it really worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tilley

    Def u didnt find the way around. Mxit did.

  • def

    I contacted MPowerPlayer, and it got fixed 🙂
    So, everything back to normal people 🙂
    No changes needed. Just File->Exit and relaunch the player and it should update to the newest version.

    Thanks so much — with that I was able to duplicate and fix the problem

    Please update to the latest (1199) and you should be all set.

    Thanks again,
    – Michael

    @Tilley: MXit did? Um, ok… whatever that means 🙂
    The fix on the forum is a mission compared to what I suggest: edit .jad instead of .jar;
    def @ mxit

  • Tilley

    Oh. ok. neways was a stupid prob.

  • taz

    tnx. mxit works agn! yay.

  • Bazza

    Hey, I clicked on the always buton and now it just says reconnecting and some one please write out a step by step instruction on how to fix this.

  • JOHN

    hey tilley…………………that f1ref0x person gave steps on how to change the profile n its very confusin esp the unzipin from filder to file n dragin plz help me if u can thanks…………………….



  • JOHN

    heya def
    plz tel me how can i use Opera Mini on mpowerplayer


  • JOHN

    chek ere i mean use opera mini on mpowerplayer on pc

  • def

    U don’t really need mpowerplayer for Opera mini, use the simulator at:

    drivign school

  • JOHN

    thank u def 4 ur help

  • JOHN

    tilley plz dnt 4gt to answer my question i askd above abt the post sent by f1ref0x

  • Drooti

    i have mxit on my fone but i’m not using my own cell number it’s sum1 elses. but when i sign in wit my own fone number it says registration failed! i would like to use my own number???

  • mz

    how do you start a new mxit without deleting java and mpowerplayer.

  • mz

    still waiting 4 reply rafiq.need it badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mz

    guess wat.i found the website 2 start a new mxit account.u can giv it to people who need it. it is :

  • evalution

    i think mxit is da best and everbody likes it.

  • Tilley

    Oh sorry jhon. i wasnt online for a week or so. Well its actually pretty easy. Jus download the file that Phil Specified. Unzip the Meta-inf file anywhere. Doesnt really matter, as lon as u know where it is.

    Then open the Meta-inf file u extracted. Open it with notepad. Then Check the screenshot Phil provided and follow the instructions. Then finish editing the file and add it 2 the orignal Mpowermxit File. Then open Mpowerplayer and click on File-Open and Load the File u just edited.

    Vwahla! It should work. If it doesnt…. feel free to ask me again or the moderators on this site. They should definitely help u m8. Good luck.

  • catz_786

    hey, sum guy wanted to know abt mxit… fake kewl1. the website is

  • catz_786

    mohomed fareed amod…
    yep. hey dude you wanted to know how to get xit wit fake logos and backgrounds… etc

    the website is: (this is mobile mxit, illegal but funky :))

    yours faithfully… happy chating

  • melissa

    i really like mxit but i need to have it on my PC

  • JOHN

    i don wrk……..i cannot gt the unzipin part its hard to understan n der r 2 metainf filders tel me which 1 i sould use

    l8er tilley


  • JOHN

    i also dnt gt da dragin part

  • JOHN



  • JOHN

    MOHAMED FAREED AMOD{king of queens} Says:

    July 29th, 2006 at 19:46
    thank u 4 ur comment plz click on da blue text


  • JOHN

    hi anybody wana gee me their contact numbaz on mxit?

  • JOHN

    plz add me my numba iz 27721558553

  • JOHN

    i only hav 6 contacts

  • Mohamed Irfaan

    hey rafiq, why is it that when i download the mpowerplayer it tells me that the file format is unknown, how do i make it work


  • Niks

    I downloaded the mpowerplayer and launched mxit it loads up i add the number, pin and name but it dosen’t wanna regisiter the info. It says my GPRS settings are wrong!!!! Can u help?????

  • Hay all, mxit is fast becoming the most popular way for young people to communicate in SA. I love mxit because I can tak to friends and family without paying ridiculous cellular rates. So, to all that read this, please watch yourself in the chat rooms. We don’t want mxit banned because of people who abuse a good thing….

  • dragon

    i would like 2 no the instruction on downloading mxit

    go to from your phone and download there, easy as that – rafiq

  • i will like to go on to mxit but i dont know how

  • Keshia

    hey my mxit isnt working no more, i come to this site and click on the launch mxit thing and the mpowerplayer thing comes up but it doesnt go to mxit! it just stays on the mpowerplayer games screen. wat shud i do?

  • JOHN

    helo nebody plz can u gee me ur mxit numb so we can chat

  • Jiver

    Can any1 please help me. have downloaded mxit, java web start to my pc. every time i am trying to download mpowerplayer, it says cannot start application. Can any1 pleaze help me?

  • monz

    hey i started registering and den it said dat my pin is wrong i hav 2 put in a specific pin nd den it just went to games 2 download how do i register again?

  • [.x.] Tamíma [.x.]

    hiya, i luv mxit 2 bits because since we moved to england we have been losin touch with everyone in South Africa ( you don’t get mxit over here).
    but thanx to mxit we now talk 2 our friends regularly! thankz a ton!! x

  • how do you chat on your pc 2 ur friends on mxit on cell phones

  • chanelle

    please help i have tried to sign up with mxit on my pc but it is saying that the pin is wrong. what do i do?

    TYFYC chanelle – There is a number you can SMS if you forgot your pin number. Does anyone out there know the number to SMS to receive your MXit pin number? – rafiq

  • Ares

    sup again all i, i got a query can u tell me when the new mxit for the pc is going to be designed i am getting so board of this design

  • tnx john
    : -x: x

  • bubble boy

    hey u all

  • how do i instal mxit for the pc plz help?????

  • please can any 1 help me i ask pritty plz

  • but if u cant just say hi

  • y dont any 1 say hi 2 me hey

  • gprs probs

    If i log in from my pc it goes connecting and after a while reconnecting then comes the fatal error: Login/Registration failed: you could not be logged on to the MXit service. Please ensure that your GPRS service is set up and available. why is this and how do i fix it?

  • Ares

    # Ares Says: Gravatar
    August 7th, 2006 at 19:52

    sup again all i, i got a query can u tell me when the new mxit for the pc is going to be designed i am getting so board of this design

  • Veronique

    How do you get mixt on to a sumsung E530

  • Veronique

    Hi please let me know how to register on the e530 asp i can login from any other phone but not on my new Sumsung E530 i really do want it to work please let me know thanks Veronique

  • Stifler

    I can work mxit on my fone but I think it’s easier on the computer!

    TYFYC Stifler – Yes it is easier on the computer. Why? Cos you have a QWERTY keyboard – rafiq





  • How wat kind my lani, i’m trying ti make this mxit tops on da cpu, if you know what i’m saying xa.
    This mxit being swak to me , it not letting me joll with it , the flipping thing is dwnloading bt it just going back to applications and now i cxan’t use any applications,
    so wat kind my bitches and Ho’s
    enjoy easter weekend coz i will!
    Now mxit go and ……………………….. to all your coooons”cumminicaters

  • hayd

    hello. im new at mxit pc can anyone help me get set up. it says windows dont recognise the file what must i do.

    TYFYC hayd – Read this first, get Java and try running MXit on your pc again – rafiq

  • Melissa

    hey y does mxit V.5 only work on some phones??

  • taz..*

    hay. how do you change your mxit number on pc? like change it from the registered number to a different one.

  • Fillip

    Hey Rafiq.

    I got a problem , when i try register mxit on mpowerplayer and i use the pin that i used on my phone it sais that it is too simple and it is not advisable and i cant go past there so i cant get my contacts and have to use another phone number!!! PLS HELP!!!


    TYFYC Fillip – 1234 is not a good password for anything, why use it for MXit 😉 Try changing your passwor don your phone & then try running it on your pc again. if any of you know how to fix this in an easier way, please help Fillip out. Thank you to everyone for being so helpful – rafiq

  • Sean

    i love u thnx, i always wanted this, do u by any chance no how i can make my mxit on my phone stop d.c so often ?

    if u have msn plz ad me

  • JOHN


  • drummer 1

    how do i run mxit 4rom my pc i need to download it but i do not know how

    read this – rafiq

  • JOHN

    congrats rafiq in the make ova on ur syt

  • Clint

    Hi. I have downloaded mpower, but it doesn’t want to register mxit due to the gprs settings.. Any ideas?
    TYFYC Clint – Keep trying, 10000 plus MXit user per day trying what you are trying, their servers must be very busy. – rafiq

  • Itcha

    Hi! What do you do if you lost your password?!?!?!

  • Itcha

    I can see a little icon on the bottom bar, but how do I open MXit on the pc?!?!?! I clicked run MXit on your pc. Then the Icon eppears and I dont know how to open it.
    Please help!!!

  • andrew

    i changed simm cards on my phone, new number, how do I change my number on mxit on my PC, please help.

  • Ares

    Hi Rafiq i need to ask a Question of great inportance, i want to know when you will be getting hold of the new mxit for the PC.I really need to know.

  • Dude, the mxit worx fine on my PC so thanx 4 the good work.

    but… i told my friend about it and he downloaded the .jnlp but it doesnt run on his computer, i thought java came with windows but he must have a gay version… do u perhaps have a link 2 download java so he can install the mpowerplayer. SHOT!!!

  • derek

    how do u delete it

  • when will your’ll launch the real V5
    tnx fareed

  • Nats

    Hi there i have the new nokia 6111 and my mxit does not seem to work has anybody had this problem pls assist. thank you

  • booya

    hiya! is there a mxit v5 for the powerplayer yet, and also, can u get skins for your powerplaya?

    TYFYC booya – There is no MXit v5, only fake ones, i suggest you read this about fake mxit versions. – rafiq

  • mike

    i first set up mxit on my phone with a the password 1234 but now wen i try login on my pc with mxit it tells me the password is too easy!?!? wat can i do??

    TYFYC mike – Log into MXit on your phone, go to your profile & change your passwor dto something an idiot cant remmber but you can 14235 maybe. Then once that has been done try running it on your PC again with your new noti so simple password. I think a minor mxit update to the 3.0.* version prevents u from using 1234. – rafiq

  • Pieter

    i used mpowerplayer to run mxit but it reconnect and says my gprs setting not working.How can i fix this so that i can use mxit on my pc?

  • fpk

    hi….i cant get mxit on my LG M4410. PLZ HELP!!!! What must i do??

  • charlie

    why won’t mxit run on my pc? how can I get it to run???????

    TYFYC – read this – rafiq

  • kamisha

    hey guyz im a real mxit addict lol n cant live without it … so i lyk tried 2 load dis tin on my pc n its lyk totally rejctin the file to load it so plzzzzzzzz yah im beggin plz help me .. mwahz thnx

    TYFYC Kamisha – read this – rafiq

  • btw i gota new cell its the slvr L7 .. n i jus tried loadin mxit it on it bt it serously nt loggin in how sad …. neway wat can i do so itl log in … btw im sure evey1 will agree mxits damn addictive.. n i think dey shud have a certain room 4 da olda ppl ova 25 .. cuz dey a bit scary .. im 16 btw n frm durbz.

  • Shantal

    please help me, coz i cant register or log into mxit, i did download it tho, but when i try to log in or register it takes sooo long to log in, why is this???

  • Shantal

    i’m going mad damn!!! pleaseeeeee help meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! i need mxit now!!


    can i buy moola, using an o2 sim card in uk…would like to access the chat rooms


    can you run mxit on a uk used mobile and if so how much does it cost?

  • Tasneem

    Hey mxit pplz!!!!!!!!
    Does mxit work overseas and if yes do you download it the same way as down here?
    Thanx 🙂

  • Tasneem

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It worked!!!!!!;)

  • Naz

    Hey peeps….
    Mxit on your pc, with what program does it run coz mine won’t download…

    TYFYC Naz – Have you read this? – rafiq

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  • How do you get mpowerplayer on your computer?

    TYFYC aniqah – Have you read this? – rafiq

  • Fatima

    Rafiq…. can u pls tel me hw 2 put mxit in my pc?

    TYFYC Fatima…. can you pls read this to put mxit on you pc – rafiq

  • safia

    hi!pleez can you help me?i had mxit on my phone in South Africa but im now living in Qatar, next to Dubai. i tried to get mxit to work here. when i bought a new sim card,my network changed to Qatarnet and i have setup my gprs,so i dnt know why mxit cannot works fine for my friends in Jeddah. i can browse the net fine but when i log onto mxit it still says make sure your gprs is setup and available even though i have phoned customer care here to set it up many times. i deleted it and then downloaded it again to see if it will work but still it does not:-( i miss my mxit. is ther any way at all i can make it work? please help

  • Can Fake mxit’s be emulated?

  • JOHN

    hey guyz i i 4gt my password 4 mxit n my cell gt stolen i dnt hav da sim nomore how do i gt my paswrd on da internet on comp

  • mike

    how can i change my mxit number!??!!

  • kem

    how do you do all the smileys on Mixit ?

    TYFYC kem – You do not have to worry about how to make the smileys, mxit version 5 will have all the smileys, and some new ones in the menu, about 3 more weeks. Otherwise you’ll find them on MXit wikipedia page. – rafiq

  • Jarred

    how do i get mxit working on my pc. and do i have to pay for it

    TYFYC – Get Java first over here – rafiq

  • taz

    how do you change your mxit number on pc..?

  • victor

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii llllllllllllllllllllll oooooooooooooo vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mxit

    TYFYC 🙂 rafiq

  • Kyle

    Dude, How do I change my number on MPowerPlayer ( Mxit )

  • awe is dit now

  • N.W.A

    my pc mixit does not want to login because whenever i try 2 login it says idvaled pin how do i know its the wrong pin

    TYFYC NWA – U answered your question within the wuestion. How u know it’s the wrong pin? It tell’s you it is the wrong pin. Happy?

    Would you like to know how to retrieve your pin number? – rafiq

  • Hello

    How do i put Mixit on my pc??? PLZ help
    P.S. i dont live in sa anymore, so i cant put it on me phone

  • MoBy

    What Say??

    I dont know wats plotting with running mixit on PC…. i downloaded the mpowerplay as told but when i open it, it just gives me a blank page with some writing about desktop and doesn’t do anyting after that…. PLZ HELP… the forum couldn’t…. I really appreciate it…

    TYFYC Moby – Have you got Java on your PC for mpowerplayer to work? – rafiq

  • MoBy

    nope how do i get it?

  • MoBy

    sup rafiq

    how do i get the java to run mpowerolay?

  • MoBy

    Plz Answer…
    shots moby

  • Breson

    Pls Pls
    Mxit wont register on my pc, it keeps giving me this notice, “Login / Registration failed: You could not be logged onto the MXit service. Please ensure that your GPRS service is set up and available.”…..Tell me how 2 get around this, the pin, username and the cell phone number, is all the same as my fone version, PLS WRITE IN CAPS SO I NOTICE UR ADVICE IMMEDIATLY……thank u!!:-)

  • JOHN




  • [x] Tamima [x]

    hiya, i was just wonderin if you would know of a way possible for me to get mxit on my phone over in england. I would love to get it becoz i LOVE mxit now! thanx Tamima

  • Dev

    error(mxit not working on pc) problem opening has this to do with the new mxit or is it just me

  • def

    *** New MXit Version 5 for PC Instructions here ***

  • taz.

    In the new mxit version 5 instructions, it says that the 2 files must be saved in the same place on your computer.. But where must it be saved??? please help!!

  • me*

    Hay..Just wondering, if I register for MXit v.5, and I change my password from 4 numbers to 6. Will my MXit contacts be deleted? PLSE HELP!

  • Dev

    Half the people get this error with those new instructions (Your MXit client could not be validated. Please download again from
    ), others it just works -_-

  • [.x.] Tamíma [.x.]

    Hi i can’t get V5 to work? It still shows the same error message. What am i doing wrong?

    Plz help!!

  • [.x.] Tamíma [.x.]

    omg! i got v5 to work but…. it won’t accept my English cellphone numba… wat can i do?

  • [.x.] Tamíma [.x.]

    I’m gonna cry!!!!! We all the way in England and used mxit to stay in touch with our family… and now…. it doesn’t work and i dno wat to do… sob…plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
    =( help!!

  • Dev

    Half the people get this error with those new instructions (Your MXit client could not be validated. Please download again from
    ), others it just works -_-

  • taz.

    Ja it says that for mine 2.:( I really want V5!! I hope this problem can be fixed asap.

  • rachel

    hey i have mpowerplayer and mxit on it but 2day it came up with sum load error b0x i duno wat d hel 2 do it doesnt want2wrk!! why is it doing this and hw can i get it 2 work again?? plzzz help!!! it bcoz V5 came out 2day? or wat? help…

  • rachel

    u chek it sayz… there was a problem opening the application data for: and d website. help help help help!!

  • Andrew

    Hi. The day mxit version 5 came out, my mxit on pc stopped working, it comes up with an error, i have been trying to get it to work but its still giving me the error message. I guess that mpowerplayer have not yet catered for v.5 of mxit on their mpowerplayer…Can I get the new one to work? if not can I get the old one too?

  • Andrew

    I have the same problem as Dez, I think it is the new version, I just hope mpowerplayer cater for this version soon! and if not, get the other one working

  • Keshia

    yup i got the same problem this side dudes!!! hopefully it will be back on track asap!!! 🙁

  • Andrew

    go to the instruction further up the page…where it gives the instructions for mxit v.5… then go to the link which tells u if u only want to run the old mxit…v.3… it works… and that makes me happy 🙂

  • Dev

    ya, but i want ver 5 for pc =)

  • kylee

    I think i’ve been having the same problem as others since this new v5 mxit came out i cannot get into mxit it says discriptor load error and i tried dowmloading v5 but it saysyour mxit client could not be validated plz help me anyone?

  • Pingback: Your Group of Web AddiCT(s);()

  • hey ! …After i clicked “normal” it asks if i wwould like to find or save the file! when i click find, it says it is unable to find the file- and when i click save- it doesnt say anything when i open it again! pllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzz sum1 HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP!!!!! thnx sooo much hueva!

  • errr wat do i click>>>???>>>??????????????????????????????????????? plzzzzzzzzzzz helppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TYFYC Stephanie 🙂 – Are you using windows? – rafiq hueva

  • Ashraf

    What does it cost me as far as my telkom land line is concerned ?
    Is it free , as i’v heard
    Is there any other cost involvedf that i should know about ?

    TYFYC Ashraf – If you’re dialing up to the internet you’re paying normal telkom rates, if you’re chatting to to you contacts on mxit on your pc it cost nothing. Moola for channels as per usual. send an sms from your phone to buy moole when your running mxit on pc – rafiq

  • ye i am! why……..

  • baby

    Is der pehaps sumtin ron wit mxit at da mo cause
    i cant seem to run it off my pc anylonga, heard ppl talkin bout da upgrade????? Am i missin sumtin?

  • baby

    Blonde day!!! afta scrolin up i realizd im not da only 1 screwd wit dis prob, But if der is a way to fix dis prob den pls let da fellas no ok…… (F)

  • ye derz a new version! V5.0! 🙂

  • o and rafiq… i am using windowz ! wat doz dat effect?? 🙂 thnx

  • TYFYC Stephanie – Please enure you have JAVA installed befoer trying to run Mpowerplayer. Get Java here – rafiq

  • Lauren

    Gah, everytime I get the same bloody error!
    Please H E L P.

  • Lauren
  • [.x.] Tamíma [.x.]

    Hi! Well finally I can get ON TO MXit BUTTTTTTTT only the English version from the website. But EVERY SINGLE ONE of my contacts now invites with the code 44 in front of it instead of 27 …..

    WHAT CAN I DO??? I urgently need to invite my South African contacts!!!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ help!!!!!!

  • hey rafiq i got java – im quite sure! – coz ive been goin on v3 mxit 4 a long time! so…wat utha problem cud there be??- wel it only givs me options to find or save the file…wat shud i do?? thnx steph 🙂

  • k wel im cumin bak on in da mornin rafiq ! hope you can help! thnx – steph:)

  • rachel

    hEy omW itz gona rain i l0ggeD iN!!! 😀 fiiiNaly neway im 0ut peepz!

  • rachel

    ok nw dt i gt it w0rling again..i want d v5 versi0n..dUdeZ…i f0ll0wed the instructionz on h0w2get v5 on d pc ryt. i f0lwed dem i did! but den wen i try open d file NOTHING haPPeNZ!! y???!!! i dnt undastand 🙁 plzzz help me..sumb0dy..

  • Keshia

    hey,ive had to add my contacts all over again…how do i know if they get my msg, coz wen i send them msg’s it says that the recipient cud not be reached?? is this coz they just offline, or do they have to accept my invite first before i can chat to them???

  • taz*

    hay rafiq. i was w0ndering if y0u c0uld help me PLZ. if i deleted the 0ld versi0ns 0f mxit like 3 0r 4 (0n my cellph0ne) cause i wanted V5 but n0w it d0esn’t supp0rt my cellph0ne! IS THEIR ANYWAY THAT V3 0R V4 CAN BE D0WNL0ADED AGAIN? anyway? plz plz help. plz.

    TYFYC taz – try entering this url into your mobile phones default browser to install version 3, there was never a version 4, only fake ones that ***** your phone up 🙂 – rafiq

  • kate

    When i put in my pin 4 version 3.0 mxit it loads then it says i am not registed and i am it has been working all this time till now PLEASE I NEED HELP ARGENTLY!!!!!!!!!

  • baby

    rafiq its baby, not even dat workd hey!!! anways i didnt c no pics!!!!! so wen u reply let me no wen u on!!!then i wil get u here!!!
    enjoy boeka!!!

  • plz rafiq reply steph

  • Sugarryy_thing


    thanks alot for alles!
    i got mxit v5 to work with mpower player, just gotta READ n see wot these guys are telling you n its all good inda hood!

    anyhow, hope whoever is fasting, is having a gooood Ramadaan!

  • musiqsc

    hey sum1 help i load the files the wen i try and maje it work with my power player it doesnt work with the V5 mxit watsup sum1 help plz!!!!!!!

    TYFYC (Thank You For Your Comment) musiqsc – to run MXit V5 on your pc here – rafiq

  • baby

    i tried a mil times last nyt but da same ting bout da pin &stuff for v3 even. So anyways send me mail or sumtin wen u get dis ok,

  • jamie

    hello, i just wantd to say dat my mxit is sayin dat there is an error wen i log on but it use to work b4 and now it just dnt want to work n i cant talk to my frends in southh . africa plz help

    TYFYC jamie – this mxit link has been updated, since v5 was released the old mxit v3 link doesnt work anymore, please re-read the post and try the updated link, thanks – rafiq

  • hey plz ppl help me!! ok so i wana get mxit v5 on my pc… i go to…..and say nokia 6270…then sa, western cape…blabla…then i say normal!…… ok then it says.. do ya wana find or save this file! i try finding, and it sez it is unable to find the file! so i click save…so it saves..i exit…open the file agen …and then it sez the same thing…it is unable to find the file…it is “unknown”!!! OH PLEEEEZZZZ SUM1 HELP!!! THANX SO MUCH WHOEVA! -stephs 🙂

  • JOHN

    Your MXit client could not be validated. Please download again from



  • JOHN


    ENJOY V5


  • JOHN


  • baby

    hi rafiq, is dis work not monotanus 4u? ppl askin da same old questions ova and ova!!!
    anyways im part of the crew… tried deleting &installin agen but stil error on the password,
    let me no wen u online ok

  • N.W.A

    yes i would luv 2 know

  • N.W.A

    wat my pin is

  • Ares


    People it could be caused by the new mxit v5 and the fact the all the passwords are changing and the old way of regitering has changed.

    this is not good it keeps telling me that i am not a registered user of the mxit community.

  • Ares

    sorry for shouting but we need you rafiq we really do i need mxit to thats the other reason but we wont talk about that.

    _-..,?/:”{[|RAFIQ WHERE ARE YOU|]}:”?,..-_

  • baby

    oh my gosh, u r so wantd RAFIQ PHILLIPS!!!!
    looks like ur power naps on dat soft seat is comin to a rapid end,

  • candy

    i just wanna say that mxit is the bomb and whoever ivented it is a fucken genious!!!!!!!

    TYFYC – I agree 🙂 – rafiq

  • TYFYC everyone – very busy with work at the moment & am closing the comments on this page (its getting too big for viewing on your phone), Before asking Your Web AddiCT please check the MXit fourm & DefZA’s site. i fyou are unable to find answers to your questions therepost a comment on this page

    SAFE MXiting

    learn to drive

  • Pixi

    how do you make a smilie face???
    Really, i dont know hw

    TYFYC Pixi – like this : – ) if you have v5 its in the menu – rafiq

  • a vrey nic chatroom

  • Hay i’ve tried to download mxit onto my pc but it keeps saying my pin is probally wrong but i know it’s not!! i really want it on my pc.. PLEASE help! luv jax

  • Tenswill

    i want to get my pin tru the internet how do i do that????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Tenswill

    i dnt want snd a sms???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • melissa

    HI can i chat from my pc to a mobile phone in South Africa

    I am unable to download mixit on my pc,It says that the pin was rong and that I need to text…

    Is there ways that I can chat from MSN to mixit?

    Please help

    TYFYC Melissa – You ar eable to add you own MSN login details to mxit and chat to other MSn users VIA the MSN gateway in MXit.

    How to chat to MSn from MXit on your mobile phone:

    • Go to Menu => Settings => Gateways => MSN
    • Enter your MSN username, MSN password & Your display name.
    • Sleect Opttions = > Register

    Now you’ll be able to chat to your MSN buddies via MXit and your MSN buddies will see you logged in on their MSn even though you are actaully on MXit and not at your computer 🙂 – rafiq

  • melissa

    HI JackieI thought I was the only one having that problemhey can I think thats the way they make money they want us to text them so that we can get the pin. So is there any other websites or other ways we can get Mixit.Please or is there any other websites we can use to chat on mixit from our pc

    TYFYC Melissa – MXit make enought money already, they wont want to rip people off. You can chat to MXit user from Gmail or Google talk or and good Jabber chat application. I’ve sen t you a Gmail invite. Welcome to real email 🙂 – rafiq

  • Tenswill

    help my man my pin deur di internet kry

  • Peter

    hey!!the PC version of mxit doesn’t work…how can i make it works?!?!

  • Marachello umm u think they will eva gt the c550 prob fixed?

  • Teree

    How do I change the phone number on my PC version?

  • JayJ

    Hey i have a bi problem i want to change my password and all that personal stuf on mxit on my pc how do i do that if there is a way if u can help me please sent the instructions thank u

  • Karmen

    how do i get to mxit on my computer??? help me pls!!!!!!!!

  • Wurx

    I’ve downloaded mpowerplayer and a .jnlp file. But still when I open mpowerplayer the java loading splash appears for a few seconds and then nothing else. I have downloaded the newest version of java and mpowerplayer.
    What can I do to get the damn thing to run on my pc.

  • crazy nos

    how do i load/download mxit on my pc????
    plZ help

  • *A!!$tar*

    how do i download mxit on my pc plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • Handy

    Hoeveel kos Moola?

  • 1 Mxit Moola = 1 South African cent last time I checked.

    To rum MXit on your pc search this blog in the top right 😉

    TYFYC guys/gals/ mxit ppl

  • s

    is messages traceble on mxit..can one go back to see messages u wrote and got reply on

  • Gorgeous

    You Suck!!!!!! I Have neva seen such a boting site in my lyfe!!!!!!!!!

  • Gorgeous

    Boring Boring!!!!

  • Thank You for Your Comment ‘Gorgeous’

  • S, you are able to save your chats for later, yes!

  • Miss attitude

    How do you download mpowerplayer? because only once ive done that i can download mxit on my computer,right???

  • TYFYC Miss attitude – Yes your can downlaod MXit on your computer, re-read the post, if you need any more help feel free to ask or try the MXit forum or Mobile QandA Forum

  • biggysmalz

    hi people just want to find out if you are able to send picture using da new ver.5 mxit from ur pc to other mxit users

  • alterboi

    is there any other jar emulator I could use to run mxit on my pc other than mpowerplayer

  • Trinan

    Bro, I think mxit n mig33 r almost d same,so I need help from u abt mig33.
    I run mig33 from pc using mpowerplayer. But still don’t know how I can enter using more than 1 nick with it. Can u plz help???? Thanx

  • StJohn

    Hey Rafiq i cant seem to connect,I have an ADSL 384kps connection to the internet but still nothing. It works on my sisters profile, but not mine.Can you help? Or add me on Mxit 0738311713

  • StJohn

    AND for all you idiots that are asking how do i ownload mxit on my pc?? plzzzzz help, heres the idiots guide on getting mxit on your PC.

    First download Mpowerplayer Here

    Then once downloaded open it and select ,at the top in the toolbar,File Then select catalog and a bunch of icons will come up and mxit will be there select the mxit icon and it will open and run.

  • roxxi

    today i tried downloading a mxit skin onto my phone and ity said that it had been downloaded correctly but now when i try get into mxit,it does not go in………..PLEASE HELP

  • COLE

    hi cole from south africa…i canot find nfsc in any stores.i have 56k lowspeed internet…iv tried to download the demo 4 two weks nw…plz can some1 help me…..i rely wana play da demo….plz som1 email me the nfsc demo
    my email is (…wil da demo wrk on 256 ram…
    thanks to whoeva will email me da demo

  • COLE


  • Hendri

    hey there, i hav a problem with mxit – my mxit runs up until connecting then it just keeps on reconnecting… gives me an error log that says “make sure your gprs connection is set upâ€? – but i run it of my pc… can it maybe be that im trying to run it at work thru a server… can enyone please help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miss attitude

    StJohn….thanks for helping….but now when i click on the link that you gave….it says… cannot be displayed!!! HELP???

  • Chickennobody

    okay fyn; we get da mxit bit….. so wat bout mig33 for da pc????????????????????

  • cole

    hey stjohn plz can i hav ur sisters numb

  • StJohn


    HEY COLE my sisters number is 0835436072 need any help with mxit??


  • StJohn

    —Miss Attitude—Miss Attitude—Miss Attitude—–

    Miss Attitude Heres that link

    —Miss Attitude—Miss Attitude—Miss Attitude——

  • StJohn

    Heres a site that has a picture guide on how to get mxit on your pc!

    moderator please accept this message im just trying to help by making it simpler to understand 🙂


    hi there i was using mixit on my mobile in RSA and now i am in UK but i cant go on now for some reason! how do i work it here! must i download it and register again or something! the network i am using is O2. so i have a new mobile numberPlease help! how do i go about downloading it and registering againh with my new number and network!? please help. im dying without it

  • Stjohn

    PRISCILLA Goto for help with international mxit.

  • suzakustar

    hey i really need a way to download mpowerplayer to my pc can anyone help plz? unless ur a bunch of sick mofos with nothing else to do that is besides im not as dump as some of u hahahaha suckers cya in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I do not think anyone is dump. If you meant dumb it is spelt D U M B, not D U M P.

  • Stjohn2

    Attention: suzakustar

    You Just Made yourself look “dump” and goto my website with a step to step Guide To get Mpowerplayer

    Or Just download it Here:

    Or Heres The Step to Step Video:

    Hope I could Help You

    Kind Regards.
    St John

  • COLE

    hw ol ur sista stjon?

  • hi im dilip im new member of mxit. recently i fromated my moile so i lost my mxit and i nstalled new one but i dont know how to get the old contacts can any one help me

  • Stjohn

    Dinny You should goto for help with Mxit.

    This forum is for mxit on you PC!

  • akon

    wow everybody seems to like mxit

  • craig

    youppl all suck

  • COLE

    st john hw ol ur sis

  • cassie

    jeez i cant seem to download mxit on my pc and itz so ### anoying

  • Tyron

    Hey, i got the MXIT running on my pc but i cant get to sign-up, i dunno what Cellphone number to use, as far as i know my pc has no number lol, and BTW i am in Canada.

  • hey ppl i need help… … … weneva i clik ‘run mxit on your pc’ it sayz .. would you like to save or find the file?? wat must i clik and wat must i do…?? PLEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ HELLPPP SUM111!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • CJ

    to tyron

    just use your phone number dont you have a phone

  • CJ

    all you people cant you ask smart Q`s i bet rafiq has got better things to do with he`s time then 2 play around with you guys

  • TYFYC CJ 🙂

    All questions are smart. Without asking a question about MXit, even though I’ve answerred a particular question, how else will the great readers of this page be able to find an answer if they did no learn how to use the find (ctrl-f) feature in school?

    We’ve created 2 searches (top right) where you are able to search the blog and also search a hand-picked selction of sites that should be able to answer your questions regardign anything we blog about.

    Give it a go and let me knwo what you think.

  • tammy

    how do i get a new mxit on my pc? but the thing is, is that i already have 2. but now i have another new network number. i dont no what to do. none of the help on any of your websites wants to work!!!!!!
    from annoyed!!!!!!!!!!


    hey iv got mxit on my p.c but after chatting for about 10min i just stop getting messages and it freezes..could you please help me…..asap. thanks.

  • ek wonder of iemand my kan help?

  • Tyron

    k, i have a cellphone and registered with that number on the phone, but that was long ago, so i forgot my password, and i cant sms password to #### because i am in Canada.

  • Tyron, Refer To this Website For Help,

  • marc

    do u stil pay for mxit on your pc?

  • steph

    ola! guys i need help like yesterday!!!!! i just flew to england and my cell cant read the settings for uk gprs….. and my computer wont download it………… it keeps saying microsoft cant read the file!!!!!! please help me i need to talk to my fwnds

  • fanie

    if u use mxit on your pc and u stil have to pay what do u pay?

  • TYFYC steph – You need java on your pc

  • marc

    yo guys i need some help here mine worked fine for a few days then everytime i log in it say conecting then reconecting then it shows me this Login/Registration failed; you could not be logged onto mxit service please ensure that your gprs service is set up and available what must i do to fix it please let me know

  • steph

    rafiq phillips- well i got java but not the newest virsion. every time i try and download it, it just stops it wont download it and the mpower player wont load unless i have it. i have microsoft xp so it should download the latest virsion of java:( but it wont!!!! and another question i got mxit on my phone here but it wont let me talk to anybody in sa it just puts the uk dial code infront of it. is there a way i can get it to allow me to talk to my fwnds in sa on it???? and i do put sa dial code 0027 infront of the number but it saya invalid number! pweez pweez help me

  • steph

    marc- try delete your mxit and do it again but log in not register!!!

  • marc

    hey it worked thanx

  • wikus

    does anyone here know if we still pay for mxit on our selphones

  • marc

    no i have no idea if u find that out let me know as well please

  • Adrian

    I have a LG M4410.And it don`t want to go passed te register part.Please help me.

  • Adrian

    Can someone help me.Regarding my lg M4410.Mxit keeps on registering.PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  • Alkaline

    when i open the mxit folder on mpowerplayer i get the error massage:
    There was a problem opening the application data for:
    thats what i get when i try to acces mxit on mpowerplayer

  • NATZ


  • Roxy

    Here is mxit on the computer but wen i login it got a other number nd i cant put my number in coz it doesnt want 2 take

  • Roxy

    Help me please

  • Please check that you have entered the same number whenb runnign mxi ton your pc as when you are running MXit on yout phone.

  • Armand

    were we have same problem as roxy, help is needed

  • Curiously

    Many ppl rafiq find u a genius, u seem 2 knw a bit of mxit, however you are based on Mxit’s welfare have you explored Mxit through decompilng the source code ? think u can help me their


  • SweetPoison

    heya!! i have downloaded mpowerplayer but i get an error stating registration/login failed when i try to open mxit…maybe i’m doing this the wrong way…PLZZZZ HELP!

  • how do i run mxit on my pc plz rafiq

  • how do i download java plz

  • Chat to mxit contacts from another app for your mobile

    Skittle is Google Talk from your Mobile phone!!

    Use an emulator like J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.2 and try it on the PC.

    The Skittle GroupChat is really cool, i tried it, you can basically run a IRC from your phone, add people from google or any jabber and all chat in 1 chat room, 1st you have you create the account first [start your own chatroom [IRC] off your phone by creating a gmail address with the word group/team/club or room eg., messages goes to all members!! Successfully tested on 4240 contacts] To test this product add, its running right now!]

    There are 5 versions of Skittle, the best being SkittlegroupChat as you can Create an IRC off your PHONE Like Mig33

    More info:
    Skittle is a free Google Talk Chat application where you may add any jabber subscribers and chat to them 24/7.

    Its basically Google talk however for your mobile instead of the PC.

    Skittle works on almost any Java capable mobile phone. More than 150 handsets are supported!

  • rephan

    i downloaded mpowerplayer and mxit. everything is fine, but after i entered my details and pressed log in, it stays on the logging in… screen forever! i have iburst as a isp. could this be the problem? any ideas to solve this? Thanx

  • nix

    How do I deregister from mxit? i have deleted mxit but it still charges me money and im not even on mxit anymore! its so rashing! and wasting my money! please please please someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Francois

    were do i get mxit 4 my pc.

  • Pierre

    Is it Posible to join mxit outside of South Africa? I’m currently in North America and really miss all my mxit friends!

  • Yes Pierre it is possible to MXit from North America. Just use you new mobile number.

  • I want to g n mxit on my PC, theres just one big problem i dont know how if ya’ll dont mind can yo please give me direction on how to do so.I would highly appreciate it

  • U

    How does running Mxit on your comouter affect your download limit? I dowloaded mxit on my pc a few days ago and since I downloaded it, i have found my download limit to be incresing quite rapidly.

    Please help me….

  • as daar nie iets soos mxit was nie ne dan weet ek nou nie wat met my sal gebeur nie dankie dankie mxit en ek hoop julle sal nog jare en jare bestaan 🙂

  • swt.angel(*)786

    my pc mxit was working perfectly until this week. i downloaded the jad file about 6 this week but none of them want to work

  • zae


  • Stephan

    i cant chat it says i have 0 moola on my account anyt idea or hel you people can give me????

  • im relly sad coz im having troublesdownloadin mxit on my pc n if i cant then i think that really sucks.other than that im having a ball with it on my phone!!

  • good

  • Sassy

    Hi all mxit buds. People need to know mxit is new style penpal messaging and not just for being naughty on. Watch out for those weird ones. Enjoy your experience and new buds.Mwah

  • gerrit

    hoe kan ek mxit laai op my rekenaar kan iemand my help om dit te doen .en kan ek mxit na new zealand.

  • Shez

    I want to delete my number of the MXIT database. How do I do this? Please help I am desperate…

  • Kobus

    Can any one help with any settings using ” mxit on pc ” when using a Proxy server. With 3G there is no problem as it is a open connection. Please help if possible. Thanks

  • colette

    hi,i have mpowerplayer and java on my pc and mxit used to work.i logg on today and i can not get into stops where they give the black screen with the white writing on and then nothing.please help as this is my only way of communicating with family and friends back home

  • Kirsty

    I’m having trouble with Mxit. when i go into the program on my computer it loads up and then just stops at the screen that says Mxit v3.0 and does not go any further. PLEASE help! I’m in America and desperate to get it up and running again to talk to my friends in South Africa 🙁 thanks, your help will really be appreciated. Kirsty

  • colette

    ah i see someone else is experiencing the same problem as me!it is getting very frustrating not being able to log onto mxit via my pc,so can you please please please give us some info on how to fix this problem?colette

  • fkl

    i like this mxit thing anyway does anybody know how to get on to facebook. and are they the same thing

  • ALFA

    People need to know mxit is new style penpal messaging and not just for being naughty on.

  • nathi

    how to run mxit on the pc

  • hey yal heard my name is Hannah Montana from Disney channel if u wanna call me my number is
    0723721633 luv u all my fans out there and my number 1 fan is also my best friend Emily Osmet.

  • Fallen.angel15

    Someone told me that he has mxit v 5.4… is that possible? If yes, where can i find it? Thnx.

  • Hi there ppl just to pop in to try this out i,am try this way for the first time enjoy chat later

  • Dr-luv

    i luv mxit

  • Che’

    mxit totly rocks!!! i love it…its a shanana way to meet new ppl,so try it out… love u all mwa


    the site is interesting

  • Lovey

    mxit rocks, not a day passes by without it, u meet new people and learn new things even meet a special friend or 2



  • @Most#Wanted%

    Hey wazup peeps

  • Thegz

    mxit is the best and its so flippin cheap***

  • hey how do i get started?

  • tj

    I’m a mxit user and just bought another phone and it doesn’t support any java applications, i would love to go back and chat up a storm with my friends.
    I’m currently using a Windows Mobile iPAQ, wat are the chances of getting mxit on this phone??

  • tj

    I’m using a Windows Mobile iPAQ h6500 plz help to get mxit..

  • Ed

    How do i unsubsribe from mxit on my cellphone

  • Kevin

    I have a vodacom sim and i cant seem to get MXit on my phone. where can i get MXit for vodacom

  • adnaan

    wanted you to please send me the website shortcut to download mixit to my pc

    regards adnaan

  • i think we must be able to mxot from your pc, my cell phone is in to get fixed and i miss my mxit so i think we must be able mxit from your pc

  • kevin

    mixit is the coolest thing

  • Karabom3

    I love mxit and i also love mamphala my girlfriend but she also knows it when it comes to mxit she comes second.

  • is it an adddiction or just a matter of me loosin my eye sight i prefer mxit dan plyin outside

  • *devil_angel*

    I can’t get onto the website of mxit to download it just doesn’t wane work and i accidentely dleted it can any1 help please?

  • Hey…um…when i load up the App. It stops when it reachers the black background saying Mxit Ver 3.0…
    do you maybe know the problem? 🙁

  • St John Lombard

    Zander, Rather goto on your pc and download the mxit file from there. Once its downloaded, open Mpowerplayer and select file, Open, Then select the mxit file you downloaded, it will open up and run.

  • i came from south africa to london and i want to know how to download mxit version 5 on my pc

  • UnKnO//n

    hey ppl, wel i moved 2 New Zealand and i cant .buy moola here plz help… tell me how i can .buy moola here or plz if u c me in darkmntn send me a .gift or 2 plz 🙂 any 1 wana chat my nr. 076 psycho 1….. and if any1 lives in Auckland or near plz contact me…(G)

  • UnKnO//n

    lightbulb!!!! why don’t i jus chat 4rm here 🙂 😕 it cud b fun… now i must jus wait 4 a reply….waiting….and…waiting

  • SexyLexy

    I have sucessfully downloaded Mxt on my PC, but I’m encountering problems. I use my Mxit number and try to log on, but it tells me that my pin must be 6 digits long – it’s always been 4 though (I did it correctly on my PC before, so I don’t know what’s going on there). So I tried to register on my new cellphone number, and it just continues to say “Registering” once I’ve filled in my details and clicked “Accept” What am I doing wrong?

  • janine

    Please can you help me to upgrade to the latest mxit on my pc.You see i got mxit on mpowerplay but its so old n boring. So please help me upgrade it so that it appears the same on my phone. thanx

  • Pingback: Your Group of Web AddiCT(s);()

  • St John Lombard

    UnKnO//n, Please Refer to this website for help with mxit:
    Remember: This blog is for MXit on PC related issues.

    SexyLexy, What you need to do is change your pin on your mobile MXit to a six Digit number, then you can use V5 on your PC.

  • amanda

    but why are mxit chatters so note why there is no mxit in my computer sometimes its boring abnd you are stupi d see you bye duh call me love you

  • hey love to start chatting but im having majour trouble down loading mxit on my pc…HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
    Plz plz plz someone help me get my social life on track. Haha…enjoy…tata mwah!!!!!

  • Shaun

    Login / Registration failed: You could not be logged onto the MXit service. Please ensure that your GPRS service is set up and available.

    Please Help!!!!

  • nicky

    please help me i have forgotten my mxit pin but every time
    i sms pin to 34006 i dont get any reply.

  • VF

    I would allso like to know about the cost how would that work for your PC Thanks

  • St John Lombard

    VF there will be no Extra cost or anything, Just the cost of being on the internet.

  • pw

    how the hell do i log in cuz wen i register for mxit it just says regerstering all the time it will go for hours so now what do i do HELP

  • St John Lombard

    pw, what version are you using?

  • Testing

  • dustin

    wat is this smily … :-{

  • St John Lombard

    Dustin that is the “Horrified” Face.

  • TotemPole

    MXit 5.x is virtually useless on MPower Player But 3.x Sucks. Just had to put in my 2c worth. 🙂

  • Ziyaad

    The querry I have is totally different from what is being discussed but my mxit has been hacked and this hacker is causing major problems for me, Ihave changed ny pin and have turned off the auto login and remember pin, but still this person has access, How do i find this person or how do I get him off my mxit???pls e mail me with a solution anybody!

  • yerf:)

    i did all the above but it still doesnt want to open the application do you perhaps have a solution???

  • St John Lombard

    Be More specific with your query Yerf. Also take a look here:

  • lsp

    how can we check other peoples mxit contact on the phone without them knowning it, because the delete contacts before every1 can see it and the invite again,Just to stop sex offends chat to them.

  • ash

    is mxit using mpowerplayer not working? ive been trying to log in for days it just says loggin in but doesnt…i appear online to others but i cant see anything

  • flippie

    wow nothing better than mxit thnx for your service, but how did u guys get started

  • dude


  • im really struggling and im waiting so long for the java setup to install, could you please guide me

  • im trying to register on mxit but my pin does not agree and its 6 digits why is there a problem?

  • St John Lombard

    Try changing your pin on your phones MXit and then trying again. Also refer to this guide:

  • Sandi

    hi i cant load java to run mxit on my pc?

  • St John Lombard

    Sandi, I don’t understand what your trying to say…..

  • juan

    hey ppl invite me on mxit. anyone i”m game. 0838831303

  • steve


  • me

    does it always take long too detect java after installing it thats when you busy downloading mpower

  • St John Lombard

    Steve, Make sure your firewall is allowing network access to Mpowerplayer. Check the firewall settings, and allow access for Mpowerplayer.

  • Y

    Cant download mxit, forum under construction! What to do? I need a mxit fix!!! Q: is it possible to use my mobile phone number with its contacts to downlaod mxit from on my pc?

  • Y

    Oi, your link for the mpowerplayer does not have a download butoon. Help, please!

  • Y

    So Im logging in with my mobile details is that right?

  • May

    everything was working fine until i brought a new laptop with windows vista. i installed mpowerplayer and java and all that but wen i try to open da jad file, it went to da loggin in screen and stopped there. it just kept on loggin in…

    can sum1 plz help!

  • St John Lombard


    Check your firewall settings, And make sure its not blocking mpowerplayer from connecting to the net, Unfortunately I am not Familiar with Vista, And I’ve heard it has quite alot of bugs. But let me know if you need further help.

  • May

    thanks for tryin to help but it still doesnt work!

    does someone hav da same problem wif vista wen it comes to mxit and mpowerplayer?


  • St John Lombard

    Sorry I couldn’t help, There seems to be a fair amount of people with the “Keeps saying logging in” Problem.

  • May

    do these people also hav vista?

  • St John Lombard

    That I’m not sure about.

  • May

    well, keep me posted!

  • idevoureANGLES

    is there another way to get mxit on to your pc without using mpowerplayer? and if not can i have two seperate applications of it on my pc? this is important

  • St John Lombard

    idevoureANGLES, I have been looking into an alternative java emulator and will post my findings soon, Just Keep revisiting

  • ideoureANGLES

    thanx … plz do as soon as you find it… danke

  • May

    hey again!

    can someone please tell me if you can add a msn or windows live contact on yur mxit but u dont hav a hotmail acc etc.

    is that possible?

  • St John Lombard

    Yes May this is possible.

    Goto add contact, Then add msn contact, fill in their address and there you go.

  • May

    but dont u hav to hav a hotmail account?
    because my friend sed he couldnt add me as a msn contact because he didnt hav a hotmail account.

  • can i get mxit on my mobile in adelaide australia?with a vodafone sim card?will it work?

  • Sasha

    MXit ROCKS!

  • Sasha

    I do not have a mobile phone, but my friends have given my their contacts so when I get a phone (in three years) I can add them on MXit. Can I add them onto my PC MXit?

  • Sasha

    I got it! nw, my contact wont load

  • St John Lombard

    Have you just registered a new MXit sasha?

    If not, you might have selected “Register” instead of “login”


    You might have used the wrong number, so no contacts will show.

  • Emily

    I recenlty downloaded “MXit PC” and added two contacts. I relized that you have to type in “227” first. But now, when I try to do that with the people’s numbers who have “082” it “shows” me a message to qucikly to read it. It comes up and goes in three seconds, but like a wink. Can any one tell me what I must do? Half my contact’s are “082”!

  • St John Lombard

    Emily, add those contacts as 2782

    So if the number is 0823456789

    It will be put in as 27823456789

  • Hendrik

    Can i use mxit on my pc in america eventhou my phone is in south africa

  • brandon

    hi first time user of mxit….
    could you plz tell me how to invite people on mxit usin your computer…?
    i have a few contacts already …ones that i did not add

  • ek is baar

  • hendrik wat is jou naam?

  • hendrik waas jou foon?

  • I am very interesting of mxit chat. I don’t know how to open mxit on computer. my phone is not working anymore. before working.
    thanks chantell

  • Tenille

    Please help I used to be able to run mxit via my pc but now I can’t I have tried doing all the things suggested but I still always get the same message: ‘Unexpected Error – Could not create player window’

    Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  • Does mxit support to Nokia 3120.

  • damian

    Hi I had mxit it worked fine then all of a sudden it just dissapeared I tried downloading it again it downloads and when it finishes it tells me it cannot start error JAR resources in JNLP files are not signed by same certificate and then it goes out without putting mxit on my computer

  • St John Lombard

    Henderik, yes you can. Need any more help just ask 😉

    Tenille, Try RE-installing Mpowerplayer and also make sure your firewall isn’t blocking the connection for Mpowerplayer.

    Suhail, Yes it does.

    Sorry for the late response guys. Been on Holiday! 😀

  • precious

    can you guys tell me any other way of installing the java thinging on my pc cos i have tried the recommended way for several times and it aint doing me no good. the error message says it cant download due to my internet settings. Does any of you know how my settings need to be in order to have jave installed? any input will be appreciated. cheeers…

  • misteeq-ice

    hey there…well firstly id like to say thanx to the ppl that created mxit thats all i do all day i LOVE it but i was wondering y u guys dont get new presence we got new emotions but not presence it would be so kwl to realy show what we are feeling to all our contacts such as confused, crying, scared etc if we could have the emotions as presence as well it will be realy kwl…Are u guys planning on doin that or what???

    nother thing im trying to dwnlode mxit om my laptop ive added java but what else do i need and when they ask 4 (what mobile im using what should i say 4 this is a laptop lol!!!) please if u can help me out!!!

    P.S. MXIT is the bomb u guys will be popular 4ever mwahz and thanx!!!

  • misteeq-ice

    hey again well it worked got mxit on my laptop but i got the version 3 and its a lil to old 4 my taste lol plz tell me how 2 get atleast the newest versions like 5.2 -5.4 without confusing me lol plz!!!

    thanx again

  • leelee


    thks for the set up tips mxit was working fine on my PC, i was adding my contacts. But when i logged back in it now tells me that i’m not registered even though i already did. Also it gives me no option to register – pls help!


  • St John Lombard


    Just goto
    On your PC and download the .jad file.
    Select any phone you want. It doesn’t really matter.
    of coarse phones with smaller res. will display a smaller picture.


    Have you changed your pin on your phone since installing MXit on your PC?

  • dude i dont keep phones cos they so phoney.. i dig mxit much beter on the laptop than anywer else.. rock on bitces,,

  • Benazir

    ok mpowerplayer doesnt work for me
    when i click on download it says open with..and ive tried everything it doesnt open up with any documents..
    is there any other way of downloading mxit without using mpowerplayer or
    coz this is frustrating!!!

  • kingjzl

    no body answerd my question!
    how do u acess the chat rooms?

  • tlangelanesylvester

    how do i send my pictures as a free styler

  • Ciocco

    Hi there, i have the java file but when i download the mpowerplayer it doesnt want to open…
    it used to work and now doesn’t. I’ve deleted and started from scratch but still get unable to launch application message. Any suggestions?

  • St John Lombard

    Please goto this page:


  • nabeela

    i am in mauritius, my bf is in SA. He has mxit and i want to talk to him.
    is this possible? please help me

  • St John Lombard

    If you have a cellphone number then it is, Just goto and download MXit and register with your number. Or simply use the MXit Pc version

  • Eds

    Hola, I just logged on mixit but failed as the service is not available, I’m using my PC but requires GPRS to be setup, how do I set GPRS on my laptop?

  • St John Lombard


  • St John Lombard
  • Shaz

    hi i cant actually download mpowerplayer onto my desktop or laptop for that matter it kinda just opens up but does not down load what do i do?

  • St John Lombard

    Just download the NEW MXit PC version. More Into Here:

  • Tam

    Hi there,
    I want to download mxit onto my pc but I am curious as to how much of my broadband will be used? I understand that downloading the software will take up some of it, but when I am actually chatting on mxit on my pc how much of my broadband will it use then?

  • Tam

    Hi there,
    I just want to find out how much of my broadband will be used with mxit on my pc? I understand that downloading the software will obviously take up some but when I am actually chatting would that affect my broadband?

  • hi i want to download mxit on my pc but i cant i dont no wats the problem

  • hi im tring to download mxit omn my pc but i cant i dont know wats the problem

  • St John Lombard

    Just download the NEW MXit PC version. More Into Here:

  • Eunice

    please help me i want to load mxit on my pc

  • Val

    hey, I downloaded, it from this site a few days ago everything worked fine at first then I can see my friends messages but they can’t seen mine. where can i get some help? thanks

  • anna

    i don get ths! i mean i downloaded mxit in my computer but, and am also getting logged to it….but when i right click on my friends’ contact,ther comes “chat”:…and when i press there,i dont be able to chat with them…i mean there comes a notification”an error has been occured,this application will close now”…..what am i suppose to do!!????????????????????? help me out !! thanx!

  • St John Lombard

    everything you need to know is here Eunice.

  • Somebody is busy using my mxit account and sending ugly messages to my friends.
    How can I stop that?

  • Terrence

    Hey there St Lombard kind sir, i have installed pc version of mxit, it logs in fine, but before it has even finished loading after ive logd in, it gets the same error message as anna ‘an error has occurred mxit will now exit’ . Anyway my phone is a sony ericson k800i, if you know of any solutions please drop me a mail. Thanx Terrence

  • Milan

    I have the problem that I can see my friends online but they can’t see me or receive any messages from me. I only have mxit on my mobile though, but I don’t know what the problem might be or how or where to fix it…have tried everything!!! 🙁

  • Kenz

    I’ve downloaded the V5 version but it doesnt seem to show me my friends online??? they dont have the little icon pic’s next to the names? and why every time i try to send a message does it make me enter my password?

  • Linathi

    Plz install mxit in my pc for me, coz u knw our server is extremely slow, it can take me the whole day tryin to install mxit

  • St John Lombard

    Milan, MXit is aware of this problem with certain models, and is trying to fix it ASAP.

    For more goto the forum:


    how do i remove a current user on the mxit pc to change it to my details and contacts.please help

  • Kendal Reid

    Can you get mxit on the Pc for a Mac computer??

  • DAvid

    hod do i get mxit v5.5 even though i got mxit on my pc but dat nly v3

  • Tenille

    Please help. I just bought a new Samsung L760. I am currently in the UK and this is a 3G enabled phone. I use pay and go from the service provider 02. I have installed Mxit on my phone and can log in and all that but my friends in South Africa are not getting my invites and if I try to send a message it say ‘message sending failed’. I used Mxit on my PC as well using Mpowerplayer.

    Any help/advice will be much appreciated.

    Kind regards


  • St John Lombard

    Tenille, MXit is aware of this issue with some phones.

    There is a post on their forum that may be of use to you:

    BTW try the new MXitPC version.

  • mfundo

    ey wassup im having a prob with the mxit on my pc because when i login in its fine but when i try to talk to my friends it just says AN ERROR HAS OCCURED AND THE PROGRAMME WILL NW EXIT..plz help me out because i cant stay out of mxit for too long

  • There is now a MXitPC version available here, no more mpowerplayer problems.

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  • nawty_bt_nc

    um luvin mxit. um glad u cn also use yo pc 2 chat. You Go Guys!!!

  • sphe

    how can i change my mxit pin and still use my mxit cause i just found out somebody is using my mxit without me knowing?



  • Shonisani

    Mixit team must post the advice to their costermers on how to use mixit safely in tradepost.This will help the crisis which is happening to young girls everyday by people they use to chat with them who they even dont know. Tell them to privatise their personal details every time.

  • nicotse

    i’ve lost my wife cause of this mxit whereby by khow she moved out of the house cause she is addicted to this mxit thing and they exchange private part pictures so imagine the situation

  • I feel sorry for you guy. She would have done the same with 2go or Nimbuzz. I wouldn’t blame the technology.

  • Name

    My x wife made my life hell by somehow downloading all my mxit messages the past year. How the hell is this possible. Is there a program to do this that you know off. Please let me know. Thanx Pierre

    • Joe Chilekwa

      know what you should do? just ice the bitch let the bitch go to hell!!!!!

      • Flosvgreunen

         women are not bitches have some respect idoit

    • Disemelobaybeelee

      ohh shit im sorry how did your wife handle it?

    • Sandy babe

      yeah rite as if u wil eva do dat

    • Ndlovupat Ndlovu

      well what does he work as

    • Flosvgreunen

      you shld not do thing behind your wife back, serve you right 

  • i hate mxit friks

    • Anonymous

      thats ur idea,go wit it man.dont mess up

      • Anonymous

        mess up wat

    • Anonymous

      well don’t woory you’ll be 1 soon

      • Sandy babe

        well it tykes 1 idiot 2 knw 1

    • Steezy

      Well ja we hate you too idiot

    • Asmaaebrahim

      i was a mxit frik but now i h8 dem too***

      • Thandiswa Dyanyi

        what made you to change? and what makes you to hate them couse you should understand couse you were one of them,

    • Thandiswa Dyantyi

      I hate them to they should get a life and start living a real life just like real people. mwaah

  • spike vicent nkuna

    wat i wnt 2 know is that she have ever loves u?

  • BiZKit.

    okay i downloaded mpowerplayer, there is NOTHING that says “free downloads” . . . anyone even noticed that..?

    • Thandiswa Dyanyi


  • teezy

    big ups mxit

    • Asmaaebrahim

      ????????????????big ups???????????????????

    • 201027610

      U RCK

      • Thandiswa Dyanyi


        • Kellyadriaanse

          why do u wanna know cause thats personal

  • neels

    wear do you get mxit online

  • lee anne

    how do you get mxit online??? it does not want to install please help me on what to do!!

    • you must do wat iz needed of u to do

      • Anonymous


    • Dsl55tebza


      • Www Chad

        how do u login on ur pc

  • Anonymous





  • Anonymous

    kanye rocks nee!

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  • Anonymous

    Why can’t I just search 4 mxit and get chatting cum on, peeps

    • Marlon


  • Anonymous

    aaah thats too wack to think about it…but we gonna do them things vandag

    • Kamogelo

      skat hud

      • dsl55tebza

        im fab n urslf dear? by da way i, tebza

  • joe

    this is shit

    • sweettoothdave

      true that i could have said it better myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    omgosh im stuck ina situasion here…. sum1 help me im totaly inlove with this guy <3 <3 but my dad is a unfair, overprotected, fat,tv freak,jerk father…that hates it when i make any contact with any guy… so he took my phone away coz he came home pist drunk and felt lyk taking it out on me….. soo now i cant talk to this special person :'( i miss him soo much some one tell me how to download the mxit thats on my phone PLEASE ill die if i can't talk to him……

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  • Anonymous

    mess up wat

  • nhlakanipho


  • nhlakanipho

    awe dude

  • nhlakanipho


    • Nmzana

      Hei Nhlakanipho

  • Princess Palestine

    maaaaan mxt pc crashd on me….. itz nw 3 weekz m tryn franticly 2 sort it n no luck… i hope downloadn it n usn it frm othr sites will wrk nw….. i cnt stand it any longr the no intractn wid my freeeeendz n bf lol

  • Boogy

    hey mxit freaks all you do is complain you bastards get a life or 2!!!!!! theres better things to worry about in life than stupid chatroom sites lmao!!!

    • Fajon

      dude you right, and it is kind of cool!!!!!!

  • Tholas535


    • Anonymous

      good idea if you wnt to make frndz wth povrtz

    • Ishy70

      Get to know people my ass.Are you aware of whom you talking to most of the time.It could be a murderer or rapist you`re talking 2.And the idea that young kids chat to strangers just give me thecreeps.It almost destroy my relationship.

  • Ammaarah

    hey peeps my name is ammaarah mylife smells like ass ryt now my 2 guy fwends want me 2 do sumthing 4 them but its kinda dirty and personal if u knw wat i mean soooo…. i didnt exactly tel my bf wats gng n he will kill me if he should hear this …. mwah

    • Anonymous

      try it you may like it and any way its not like your fuckt up bf controls your life.



    • annonymous

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    • ellie

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  • candice

    I like mxit but I’m not a mxit addicted.Lol my sister mxit every where bathroom and even in the morning at church.

  • Jonty2g

    this tell me fuck all

  • Lethumatsenjwa


  • Asmaaebrahim7

    i hate mxit and fb …..*****boooooooooo****

    • annonymous

      oh well then you dont know wat u missing my friend…

  • Asmaaebrahim

    ppl mxit ruines peoples lifes trust me ****i talk from experience****

  • Biancak82


  • BiancaK82

    why the hell did they invent DC.. i hate it when a new mxit cums out and there is sumthing wrong with it .. when u dc all the time or it dusnt work right.. and also who the hell invented ratting sum1 in the rum.. i mean hellow

  • Maretha

    Ek HAAT mxit!!!! Hoeveel verhoudings gaan nog onder hier bollie ondergaan?

    • African queen

      Ht dit jo vrhouding op gbreek?
      hkm ken j neti jo bf vtrou ni

  • Tshepo

    wanna know who came up with the idea of facebook,twitter,mxit and other chatrooms.

  • 401

    tell me does dis realy works

  • Christel B

    thats why we should not go through each other phones because you just give your self stress …and do stupid things

    • Amanda

      i agree with u,am also dont like my bf to browse on my phone is nt that am cheating on him bt it makes lot of troubles and fighting.even i told him that if he’s checking on my phone let him nt to ask me anything unless am the one who gave permission.

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    • Amanda

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  • Deon Mkhwanazi

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