Mxit Version 3

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Yip a new Beta version of MXit is availabe, version 3. download Mxit version 3 here. Back to my holiday in Jozi.

What is MXit? Find out more about MXit at my previous post about the Instant messaging for your cell phone that allows you to chat with a Jabber, MSN or Yahoo account. Chat on your mobile (cell phone) at rates cheaper than Text messaging (SMS).

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  • hello my name is nath i have a nokia 6020 i now it sucks i am geting d820

  • Megan

    Please advise how to remove MXit from an LG C1100 phone. Initial download was messed up.

  • fransie

    how do i download mixit onto my nokia 7260 please help me thanks

    TYFYC fransie – that’s MXit, not mixit. Downlaod it form the MXit website. Try entering the www [dot MXit [dot] co [dot] za [forwardslsh]wap in your phones browser and there you go. – rafiq

  • You have suddenly upgraded your site. There are complain that if one is hooked with the old version and want to change from the old to the new, that seems to be impossible. The customers end up losing all their credit. And if they wipe the whole thing out there is no way to get their credits back. Don’t you think your customers deserve to know or at least get a chance to claim their money back. MXit is cheap and I agree but can someone out there behind this website contact me at this address and maybe give me contact details (telephone number of your spokesperson)

  • avi

    this is going to be nice
    from av

  • mohamed

    Please bring back mixit version 3 fro the time being until version 5 being released

  • TYFYC mohamed – MXit v5 is already available to download from the mxit website.

  • famuller

    how do you download miit on a d820 please help

  • Alicia

    Hi, How can I send messages from my PC to my friends on mxit? I type faster on a keyboard

  • TYFYC Alicia – You can chat from Google Talk or Gmail chat. I’ve sent you a Gmail invite to the mail address you specified.


  • Kathy


    I had a Nokia 6610i with mxit, deleted mix of there cause i got a new phone. My Nokia 5140i doesnot want to laod mxit. My GPRS is set, everything is set. I can go on to all other web sites, except for mxit. Please help..

  • Sammi

    Hi Guys.
    Does anyone know if it is possible to delete your mxit account? Pls, I need help urgently.
    Thanx alot.

  • Liezel Blignaut

    Hey there, can someone please help me, and give me some pointers to get on to mxit from my phone? I have version 5, but I’ve been trying to connect onto mxit for a couple of months now, and I just can’t get connected. I have a Nokia 3220, and the connection always fails.
    Please help!!

  • Resa

    Hi there
    How do i download mxit to my Nokia N91

  • pumeza

    i would like to know if i can download mxit on my phone i’m using motorola w220

  • Noeline Swart

    My son is straggeling to load mxit on his NOkia 6103 every time he goes in it says login failed or error could you assist us please .

  • jehan

    i downloaded mxit on my numbers changed and it dnt wana reset hw do i change it bck 2 normal..pwees help

  • roxy

    i cannt get on mix it i was loading a new contact and cannt get on please help

  • Hello ๐Ÿ˜‰ I need help down loading mxit on my pc as soon as posible coz I cant live without mxit:-)

  • world class bitch

    wazuuuuup people… hows things out there?

  • world class bitch

    hey rafiq mwah… asl pls

  • world class bitch


  • HEYTA MENSE EK KOM HUIS 2! 1DECEMBER HEY BELLVILLE-SUID GAAN RIK!!!! ๐Ÿ˜Ž YES CV IS Gagga!! (x)(x)(X)luv you long time hey i miss SA ALOT!! N I LUV MY MXIT BUDDIEZZZZZ!! U 2!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Match20

    How do I load mxit on my samsung e250, first time subsciber

  • storm

    please help me i cant get past the choose language screen from my lg c1100. wats wrong ???

  • Dorothy

    Is it possible to attach a mp3 file to a message in mixit?

  • subaru-chick

    can anyone please HELP me, i got a new number and want my new contacts too, but ive tried everything aleady, from re-installing mpowerplayer to downloading various mxits, but nothing has seem to work it never gives me to option to insert a new no. PLEASE HELP

  • China! If I can give ya some advice for your site … not that you propably really care but its totally wasted and out of tune. The links suck, and whats with the bee and the flower banner on top?

    Happy humming.

  • i just resently got a phone from over sea’s a nokia 7575 and i cant get mxit i downloaded it but when i tr and log on it say sascribe to packet data if anybody can help me i would really appreciate it .thanx jamie

  • Ben

    how do i reset my mxit account on a nokia 6288 clean without contacts or anything

  • razeena

    do i need to be connected to the internet while logged onto mzit

  • St John Lombard

    razeena, Yes you are connected to the internet while you are logged in.

  • razeena

    can you pls go tghrough it step by step how to download mxit on my pc and how much will it cost me?

  • St John Lombard
  • kano

    how do i create my own website

  • bodill

    hey how does it work

  • becci

    hey people, i have a huge problem! i was in southafrica for half a year, and i m back in germany now! i could just stay in contact with the people from port elisabeth etc, if i could get mxit on my PC but i don’t have a clue how it works at all, do you maybe know? please help me! thanx

  • Damian

    how can i delete mxit off my LG KG800 chocolate??? PLEASE HELP ME!!!! when i go to options to delete it,then it doesnt give me any delete option???what do i do??? thanx

  • Altaf

    Hello friends
    how can download MXit in my motorola v3 phone i have internet also,
    please assist me .

  • Byron Hall

    hey peeps:i really need to know how to download the latest version on my pc.please i really need help on this

  • Rudzie

    My mxit on my when i chat it make offline after 10 second makes online.



  • Shadow

    Hey there, can someone please help me, and give me some pointers to get on to mxit from my phone? I have version 5, but Iโ€™ve been trying to connect onto mxit for a couple of months now, and I just canโ€™t get connected. I have a Nokia 3220, and the connection always fails.
    Please help!!

  • St John Lombard


    A little help from The MXit forum.
    Follow these instructions and you’ll be fine.

    You also need to set up an Access Point on your phone:

    1. From your phone’s standby screen select “Menu”
    2. Select “Settings”
    3. Select “Configuration”
    4. Select “Personal Configuration settings”
    5. Select “Options”
    6. Select “Add New”
    7. Select “Access point”
    8. Select “Account Name” and change the default account name to MXit APN
    9. Select “Access Point Settings”
    10. Make sure “Data bearer” is set to “GPRS” or “Packet data”
    11. Select “Bearer settings”
    12. Select “GPRS access point”
    13. Change the access point to one of the following:

    If you’re on Vodacom change the Access point to: internet
    If you’re on MTN change the Access point to: myMTN
    If you’re on Cell C change the Access point to: internet
    If you’re on Virgin Mobile change the Access point to: vdata

    14. Select “User name” and enter the following: mxit
    15. Select “Password” and enter the following: mxit
    16. When prompted to verify the password enter mxit again and press OK
    17. Go back to the “Configuration” menu (“Menu” – “Settings” – “Configuration”)
    18. Select “Preferred access point”
    19. Select “MXit APN”

    2. When you’ve downloaded MXit, do not run it immediately (if prompted).
    Exit (close) the WAP session you opened to download, or reboot the phone.
    It is similar to installing a new application on a PC, you need to reboot.

  • widman

    i need mxit 3.i dont know how to download.i have tried to download on says page can not be using nokia 9500,help please

  • St John Lombard

    Goto on your mobile.

  • nathier

    my mxit dont wanna regesta on my sony ericsson w960i plez help

  • St John Lombard

    nathier, Please refer to the MXit forum for help:

  • khule

    hi, i just cunt down load mixit on ma phone Motorola w220 it just displayz that (http loader)not allowed……………

  • thembeka

    mxit doesnt want me to register.when i try to register it register about 2 hours and it doesnt do anything what can i do plz help me e370

  • cammy

    wat is the ver3 wap site addres, really need it, phone cant take other versions, to much space.

  • Annetjie

    I download mxit and when I want to register it tells me I have register before and need to give a correct pin code. I have not registered please help me to register

  • Thulani

    no comment

  • Agung Adhitia jmi

    Thanks for mxit aplikation vers.It’s main trowblet whay

  • wher can i download mxi v5.1 or 5.0 got a samsung z130

  • Mark Wood

    hey de. my nokia 3220 does not have the option to add access point in the configurations settings. It only has services, multemedia and so on. what can i do cause i’ve been battling for long now..Thanks