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From Nike’s high-top alpha air-force, to Adidas’s iconic superstar
shoe, sneakers have become a cultural phenomenon. Since the launch of
the cult classic Converse high-top in 1911 sneaker wearers have been
adding to, customizing and designing their own shoes.

As the cultural phenomenon expanded companies began to get behind the
collectors and release limited edition customized designs. This trend
reached its pinnacle with the recent release of the Adidas Superstar
35th Anniversary series, a limited edition series of 35 designs broken
down into 7 categories.

The Bin Gallery, in collaboration with Adidas presents – Sneak, a
customized sneaker exhibition showcasing over 40 pairs of customized
Adidas superstars by 8 South African based artists.

The exhibition will launch on Sunday 26th March (11am – 4pm) and run
till 29th April.

Artists involved are:
(graffiti artist based between Germany
and South Africa and renowned for his intricate, unique letter style) –
(graffiti artist well known for his inspiring use of color and
3d lettering and his great character styles)
Tyler B. Murphy (Tattoo
(artist / Graffiti artist known for his aggressive bombing and tagging
campaigns as well as his insanely accurate and clean needle work)
Warren Lewis
(Artist recognized for his interesting take on daily life
through the use of text and his experimental use of new mediums)
(Artist widely known as being responsible for the continued
development and progression of local street art)
Sam Coleman
(Creative Director for Young Designers Emporium)
Daniel Ting-Chong
(Graphic designer working for Culture Lab and on various other
Love and Hate
(Art collective based in pretoria
specializing in the creation of perspex accessories and recently
released their first publication – A5)

The Bin Gallery
105 Harrington Street, East City
Sunday 26 March
– 11am – 4pm (show runs till 29 April)

all shoes are for saleSneak peak

The middle pair of customised sneakers says ‘Cape Flats’ just incase you were wondering. Think its going to be a classic. See you there.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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