Basic Principles Of Perspective Drawing

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  • Perspective (visual), is the way in which objects appear to the eye.
  • Perspective (graphical) means to represent the effects of visual perspective in drawings.

‘A thorough understanding of the principles of perspective is essential to creating an accurate and visually appealing piece of art…’ ‘…In the tutorial lessons that follow this page, you will be given the tools needed to map out a perspective grid in any situation. From this grid, you will be able to create realistic three dimensional drawings from flat or “Off Angle” references.’ Kevin HulseyÂÂ

Too many people are quick to say “I cant draw”. This frustrates me since there are techniques like these that anybody can learn, and even though using them may not guarantee that your next attempt will be a masterpiece, they will definitely improve your drawings. That I can guarantee. With a little practice they will become second nature, and you can start focusing on other techniques* that will further improve your skills. Give it a shot! : )
*More to follow