Have your blog buttered on both sides.

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Well its not butter. It’s stork country spread. They’ve been running an ad about blogging during Prime Time on SABC, recorded the ad with my N70, posted it from my phone to the multimediations blog using Shozu.

Miguel then went and added the stork blogging ad to Google Video for easy integration into the blog post.

The sound quality is not that great so here goes your Web AddiCT(s); version of the Stork Country Spread ad about Blogging. What is a Web AddiCT?

Blogging…Blogging. On the Internet, Mikey set it up for me. Kids these days know everything. It’s like your own website where you can speak up, play, inspire. I know, I used to find the Internet intimidating too. But this is amazing, It’s… my space where I can just express myself and when you sit back and read what you’ve written its like, Wow! This is me. My creativity hmmmmm.

Great example of what Your Web AddiCT thinks is an awesome ad campaign targetted at the right demographic with a half-baked, non existent web campaign.


  • Go to the Stork website, no mention of the ad.
  • Search Technorati for the blog, it doesn’t exist.
  • Miguel contacted the company that owns Stork to find out if there is a copy of the ad available and after submitting the online contact form you are alerted with a little message… ‘It could take up to 3 weeks for a representative to get back to you.’

Why did the advertising company not create a Stork blog? The answer could be that

  1. Real people who blog in South Africa are bound to mention it, let them do it (extra/no-cost exposure)
  2. The ad company did not think further than the one particular television ad.

Wonder if the ad agency is keeping track of what is happening in the blogosphere regaridng this ad. Wonder who the advertising agency behind this is. What are you thoughts on this? View the Stork Blogging ad here if you have not seen it.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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