Your Web AddiCT gets burgled…

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my chairGet home at the usual time yesterday evening, round one angel VC (also known as Dad) was watching the news on television.

The chair in my bedroom(image on right),an extension of my cuppboard, looks as if the random order of clothing has been re-arranged hmmm…

A pair of sunglasses last worn in 2003 that was in the top of my cupboard was lying on the floor hmmmm… the Angel VC must have been looking for something.

Apart from the you have been pre-approved for- a new credit card, chain store account, loan blah blah blah snail mail spam there was something important that moved from where I put it hmmm… (Do not EVER agree to receive mail from partner companies when signing any form at authorised financial service providers…)

Just behind the chair there was a box that contained a Microsoft Sidewinder steering wheel and pedals that has not been used in years, the lid was open, look inside: the box was empty.

It turns out that someone has burgled our home, nothing noticeable was taken.
After checking we find that the following small, easy to carry, easy to pawn items were missing:

  • Nokia 6100 (Where the MXit journey began)
  • DVD Player (Free with the Nokia 6100, when signing a two-year mobile phone contract)
  • Angel VC’s leather Jacket (his favourite)
  • A pair of shoes (hasn’t been worn in 2 years)
  • Microsoft Sidewinder steering wheel & pedals (last MS product i’ll own?)
  • A plasitc bag filled with biscuits and sweets from past Eid (for when the burglars get the munchies from the drugs they’ll be doing after pawning our stolen goods)

I’d like to thank the thief for removing that which reminds me of bad/uninformed product, contract, fashion choices. I love South Africa. I love Cape Town. Mugged twice and one burglary.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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