Google South Africa – Where’s it going to be?

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Search engine powerhouse Google confirms rumours it is eyeing SA to set up local to develop locally-oriented products.

I’ve heard some people say… the Google guys just rock up at your office and demand a meet on the same day and request you to pitch your products/services. The Google buzzzzz began at Cape Town Geek Dinner.

Google upped the Maps to cover Jozi extensively and only the Major routes in Cape Town. Your Web AddiCt thinks that might be for two reasons:

  1. Jozi is so flat its really hard to find your way without any natural landmarks (mountains). I find navigating in Cape so much easier because of the natural landmarks. I love Cape Town but hardly know any street names. Are we driving over or around the mountain? When driving along the highway to the city a hospital will be on you right and a nature reserve on the left. Avoid looking at the zebras and wildlife, many crashes occur there.
  2. Google have already decided on the location of their South African office (Jozi maybe) and need a detailed map for all the Cape Town talent that are going to be calling themselves Googlers (should that be u-Googlers or ama-Googlers?) and need a good map of jozi to get around.

Google, we know you read Your Web AddiCT(s); blog, if you have not yet decided on the location of your South African offices here is yet another reason to consider Cape Town:

Cape Town’s executive mayor, Helen Zille, has given approval for the city to lay its own broadband network that will be built on an open infrastructure model, giving equal access to its services for all.

We only have one question:

What do we need to do to be at the launch/opening of our Afroplex Google SA Offices?

Read more about Google rumours here or the new broadband network planned for Cape Town.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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