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African ICT AchieversThe African ICT Achievers Awards 2006 banquet was great. The best Halaal food I’ve ever had at an event, ever, they didn’t just throw a vegetarian meal your way and call it Halaal. ForgeAhead actually hired seperate Halaal caterers, nice one.

Everything was good, it was not live on SABC Africa. Even the president of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki had a message for us.

ICT is recognised as a vital tool that can assist with the development of our country and continent. It is a field that can create substantially new forms of employment and entrepreneurship that are much needed in the country and continent…

The Winner of the Top ICT Youth Innovator Award, Nomfundo Nguse(19), was also a finalist in the Top ICT Young Entrepreneur category which Vinny “South Africa is not a charity case – we’re a commercial opportunity with great infrastructure, ripe for investment” Lingham went home with.
Innovation, from wikipedia:

The classic definition on Innovation

  1. the process of making improvements by introducing something new
  2. the act of introducing something new: something newly introduced
  3. the introduction of something new.
  4. a new idea, method or device.

Nomfundo Nguse’s innovation:

The company houses an infrastructure and services division with a retail presence called Computer Fanatix and an Internet Service Provider and network services subsidiary in the former Fast Access Network (they offer web design services too)..

The rest of this post will focus on Nomfundo Nguse, runner up in the Top ICT Young Entrepreneur in Africa category. The following was written about her.

“Initially I started the company with two white business people in 2004, but it didn’t take long to realise that i was a token of colour in their eyes”

From page 59 of the African Achievers booklet.

A little more about Nomfundo Nguse. Top African ICT Youth Innovator 2006

This dream became a reality when she met Gavin & Carol Nesbitt, the husband and wife team that run IDF Computers. “They inspired me to start my own company,” recalls Nguse. “And helped me by being partners. We established the business with me owning 50% and them taking the other half.” She says that she could not have started the company without them and learnt much from their experience in the industry, having run IDF Computers for around 12 years at the time.

Congratulations goes out to Nomfundo Nguse for winning the 2006 Top African ICT Youth Innovator award 2006.

Respect goes out to Nomfundo Nguse too for her mention of the people she says that only used her as a ‘token of colour’ and then 4 pages later saying she would not be anywhere without their mentorship and experience.

Think I’m going to email her immediately to find out what innovative web hosting and computer infrastructure services she offers. Your Web AddiCT(s); might be changing our PC supplier.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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