Had a bad experience with Mango Airlines?

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Jonathan “still waiting on the Jou ma se blog T-shirt” Cherry says…

…mango, mango, mango.

What’s the deal? Is it really that bad?

We’ve never flown with this airline, but something smells a little off here.
Did SAA launch this airline to take a bit of heat off its own brand. Why is there so much bad press about the Mango. What – no happy flying news?

It is a ‘budget’ airline after all, so are we opting to pay budget prices and still expect a 1st class ride?

Maybe the marketing hype has inflated everyone’s expectations. If you want to be on time and get little mint during you flight – then cough up proper money and fly a proper airline.

You’ve been searching for the Mango Air website as you’d like to Fly Mango, 1Time, Kulula or any other low cost carrier in South AFrica but Mango Airlines in particular but cant find the Mango website?

Before you do, did you know there is a website where you are able to compare & book flights with 1Time, Kulula, SAA(owns Mango Airlines), British Airways (opertated by comair)?

Have a look at the TravelStart website to do just that.

Book tickets

I wonder when they’ll be adding Mango as Mango Airlines is owned by South AFrican Airways and you can already compare their prices to 1Time, Kulula, BA (British Airways) and SAA.

If you’ve had a bad experience on Mango Airlines please share your story with us.

Your Web AddiCT finds it very odd that a company such as the one that owns Mango Airlines have a non-existent Search Engine Marketing Campaign as Your Web AddiCT has already had nearly 50+ mango airlines related search traffic sent this way. Then again, this is Your Web AddiCT, the same Web AddiCT that started the Search Enige journey with the question: “How do I get my site on Jeeves?” in 1999.

Guess how many blogs like this one are in the Search Engine Result Pages for the term ‘mango airlines’ on Google?

Guess who’s blog is before the actual Mango Airlines website on Google for the term ‘Mango Airlines’ after writing one post about Mango? ๐Ÿ™‚

This is the palce where all the Googlers go. Where posts are constant but the bandwidth is slow. Can I get some coffee please. Step into a 2.0 scene. Take a chance of that which seems to be the making of a dream. I don’t want to do it like my daddy did. I don’t want to give it to my Mr Gate’s kid. This is my calling…

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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