Telkom ADSL – Waiting more than 6-8 weeks?

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A friendly Telkom person gave Miguel a call on his mobile phone. Why would a fixed line operator call a customer on his mobile phone instead of the landline number? Would it not cost them zero to call from Telkom to a Telkom phone line? Miguel’s mobile service provider is Vodacom. Did you know that Telkom owns 50% of Vodacom?

With a R2billion bill I’m sure Telkom would want to cut costs.

Back to the call from Telkom… Apparently an ADSL technician from Telkom will come and install our ADSL line here at our office within 11 Days.

We initially got called by Telkom on the 11th of October 2006, confirming our ADSL line order and we were told that we’d have a DSL line installed within 6-8weeks.

Today is the 7th of December 2006, 8 weeks and 1 day after the confirmation of our Telkom DSL line order. If you add 11 more days that would be nearly 10 weeks to have a DSL line installed by Telkom in Cape Town. As broadband is a basic business utility, like water and electricty, how are South African SME’s expected to thrive? Especially an Internet company in South Africa if a basic utility like broadband could take up to 2 months to be installed.

Yes we have uncapped wireless, which is not the fastest, but we had our wirelss broadband internet installed within 24 hours of ordering.
The only reason we’re moving over to a DSL line is for a faster, more reliable connection as Your Web AddiCT(s); do everything but our accounting online. We would not call ourselves Your Group Web AddiCT(s); if we didn’t.

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One more question: Are we going to get a discount on the inststallation of our DSL line as we’ve waited longer than 6-8 weeks?

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