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The My Geniusâ„¢ service, including the website at, offers a place for individuals over the age of eighteen to meet on-line, use the My Genius tools to identify and promote themselves, meet other members online, build relationships, share ideas, and join offline meetings and contribute to events . The Service is organised locally, with support of well known franchised brands, to help you connect with your community, grow your business opportunities or widen your social circle.

People want to grow their worlds. For some this means gaining access to business opportunities, for others it’s about honing their talents in order to improve their income. Some people just want to broaden their horizons, connect with others, and share their ideas. My Genius is a place where people meet to grow their worlds. On My Genius, all members learn about themselves (by using the tools to express their personal genius) and engage with interesting people in a supportive community.

Been tinkering around on My Genius for a couple of weeks and it is fun. You do nto even hvae to eb a genuis to sign up for a my giuens acoucnt 🙂

Id agree with Mike Stopforth here…

It’s hard to provide better photo sharing than flickr, video sharing better than GooTube YouTube and blogging functionality better than WordPress or TypePad. So the answer in not reinventing the wheel, but rather bringing all the services to one place. MyGenius can differentiate itself in this way.

IMM 2.0 also mentions MY Genius..

Other members can find you based on keyword searches, your tags, your industry or anything you’ve written on your profile blog.

Go and sign up now, it’s a great way to pickup business and make good contacts.

Some more info about My Genius system:

The My Genius Ethos: Our ethos is unique: We ask citizens in this community to give of themselves and to trust that this will be returned in good measure in the long run. The following principles are encouraged:

  • Don’t be shy about telling the community how great you are, but don’t be pushy.
  • Tell us who you are and not so much about what you are…(don’t be scared to talk about the real you…and maybe your dreams (heaven forbid)
  • Support other members….sometimes a little help is repaid big in unexpected ways
  • Share your ideas, concerns, opportunities but keep them wholesome, factual and relevant…..
  • Keep your profile updated…this is your platform to the world!
  • Tell your friends about it…the more people, the better for everyone!
  • Have fun……

Fun it is! Your Web AddiCT has found another AddiCT on the MyGenius network, Ben Botes, the SA Business Hub blogger

I Blog because I love it, it connects me with other entrepreneurs and I get to comment about start-up issues in SA to and audience – how can anyone refuse that?

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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