sablogs Tag project : The chilibean Mike Stopforth Mashup

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We’ve got superfast (compared to wireless) DSL and Your Web AddiCT is catching up on unread South African RSS feeds.

Spotting the buttons and add to feedflare in some of the local sites.

Mike Stopforth has been tagged by Dave Gale and is tagging some other local bloggers (more feeds for thought)

Dave Gale is playing tag, and apparently Iรƒยขรขโ€šยฌรขโ€žยขm one of 5 รƒยขรขโ€šยฌร‹ล“itsรƒยขรขโ€šยฌรขโ€žยข. I have to divulge 5 dirty little secrets and then รƒยขรขโ€šยฌร‹ล“tagรƒยขรขโ€šยฌรขโ€žยข 5 other bloggers to do the same. Heck, why not.

Here goes – 5 things you probably donรƒยขรขโ€šยฌรขโ€žยขt know about me:

chilibean had started a project on to tag every South African Blog he can find with sablogs.

I started bookmarking all the South African blogs that I could find on with a view to creating a comprehensive directory of local blogs a week ago or so. The idea came from my perception that the local blogging scene is really small and underdeveloped. As I started adding blogs to the list, I quickly realised how big and varied the South African blogopshere really is.

Mashup according to Wikipedia, The free encyclopedia

A mashup is a website or web application that seamlessly combines content from morethan one source into an integrated experience. Content used in mashups is typically sourced from a third party via a public interface or API. Other methods of sourcing content for mashups include Web feeds (e.g. RSS or Atom) and JavaScript.

In this case it is RSS. Let’s combine the Mike Stopforth Blog Tag post with the chilibean SAblog Tag Project. The South African Blog Tag project MashPapup, not mashup.

Let’s tag 5 South African blogs on delicious with the tag ‘sablogs’ and ping/trackback 5 other sablogs you’ve that you have discovered recently.

Here is your Web AddiCT(s); 5 blogs tagged sablogs on delicious

  1. Yeah!Fi
  3. kiefpiet
  4. Mike Solomon (there has to be 2.0 Mikes)
  5. Jason Bagley

There you go, the sablogs Tag Project. A South African papmashup. You do not need to be tagged or even have a blog to participate in the sablogs Tag project. Heck you do not even have to use or have a blog. All you need to do is tag every taggable thing you see online that is African with Africa. An sablog with sablogs.

What is a mashup without an API? all you need to do to use or participate in the sablogs Tag project or create your own blogs Tag project is replace with your desired location and start tagging.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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