Using Africa’s problems for spam & a Zefrank TEDtalk

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I am delighted to write to you. My name is Mary Sandra Allen,
I am sorry if this mail will come to you as an embarrassment or a
surprise, I just felt like empting myself to you, after reading your
profile ,I decided to confide in you, as am faced with total
frustration and hardship. My Ernest prayer is that you find this mail
in good health and blessings. I am presently residing in Abidjan,Cote
d’Ivoire.I left my country with my father after the death of my mother
during the war in our country and we came here because my father owned
a business here,(cocoa business), during the going political crisis
here which has turn out into a civil war since 2003,my father was
attacked and killed here at the hit of the crisis as the rebels were
killing prominent foreigners with the reason that they were
financially supporting the government against them and the rebels are
accusing the government of doing the killing.
Presently,I am staying in a REFUGEE
camp assisted by the Red cross organisation, due to the
way which the camp is securitized by united nations forces and after
the death of my father, our house was set ablaze, I was unable to
meet my needs pay my
bills and accommodation and in my dilemma which
was another reason for going to the camp, where I could not at least
feed and sleep as I did not know anyone here. I take permission to
go to the town where they have internet access to enable me
correspond with you. Secondly, my late father confided in me before
his death the sum of $8.5 million dollars which he deposited with a
bank here in cote d’ivoire.I will want you to help me see that this
fund is transfered out of this country because of the war here.My
father confided so much in me after the death of my mother,
we were so close that he never did anything
without my knowledge and opinion. All that I want is your
sincere and genuine help in helping me to see that this fund is
transfered to your account in your country were you
will also help me invest this fund in a very good
business as soon its been transfered to your account.
I cannot allow the money remain here, why, because of the war here which
possess a great risk to as my life and future
solely lies on it. If you have heard from the news for the past few
months now there has been intense fighting and
bombing by the French troops which I will like to live here as soon
as we have this money moved out of this country.
I will also like to know if you can come down here for this
assistance but if you cant come,i will also suggest you ask
the bank to provide you with a lawyer that will represent you here
because am a small girl and i really dont know much
about transaction.I know that this is our first mail, but
I have decided to confide in you from the choice of your word on your
profile. I want you to know that for years now, I have lived inabsolute frustration,
tires and pains without any person around me, no parent, uncles or friend, but
God had kept me until now, which I believe that I will smile once again.
Thirdly, I do not want to attach myself to you out of desperation so that I do not get used
rather I intend you helping
me to see that this money as I intend living for your country to
start an entire new life and complete my education, as
you will have to help in the investment of this money. But I really need your
help at this trial and difficult time of
mine. I am totally frustrated that my whole mind for now lies on my
survival which is securing this money.
Finally,i am going to give you 20% of the total money for your
assistance.Please I am confiding completely in you and I
really need your assistance at this point of my life as you alone knows of this
venture. I have enclosed my copies of my personal pictures and my late father’s pictures for your view while I will expect to have yours
in return. I wait to hear from you.
Thank you. e-mail me : (****@********.**)

Ever so often the spam filters let one of these through. How may of these have you received and what was the most odd spam message you have received?

If your Web AddiCT bought anything sent to by the spammers we’d have more Rolex’s than all of 50 cents G-Unit crew combined, the biggest penis ever and the lowest mortgage imaginable.

Crazy how the evil spammers use Africa’s issues in a bad way, almost as crazy as some of the comments made at Gradiose Parlor about Oprah’s new $40 million School that opened here in South Africa recently

On a lighter note: Zefrank’s TEDtalk 🙂 Look out for his spam riff.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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