Your Web AddiCT(s); Predictions for 2007

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This post is not about what Your Web AddiCT(s); predict to happen in 2007. New years predictions and resolutions should be taken with a pinch of salt anyhow.

We have found some intersting articles about people looking at the year ahead in that past: The Internet Year in review 2004 states the following…

I keep a lot of old stuff from the early days of personal computing and the Internet, and recently came across a 12-year old copy of Internet World – The Best and Worst of 1994 Issue. The very young-looking Al Gore on the cover gives you a hint that the world was a very different place back then.

There were less than 20 million people on the Internet in 1994, compared to over 1 billion today.
Mosaic Communications Corp had just released their first Mosaic NetScape navigator and Mosaic NetSite server products in this issue, and Marc Andreessen is quoted saying they deliver bullet proof security and smooth performance over 14.4 Kbps modems.
Vinton Cerf has a great quote with a prescient nod towards his current employer: “Romping around the Internet is a challenge because it’s not easy to find things. I think what will happen is that some people will make a living out of cataloging and indexing of informal material.”

There’s a book review of “Zen and The Art of the Internet,” that was pretty positive except for the fact that it didn’t have a chapter on the World Wide Web.

Yikes, not having a chapter on the World wide Web is like making a 2007 prediction about the Internet without mentioning FOSS, widgets, RSS or XML: all which have become cornerstones of the world 2.0 as we know it.

I’ll actually be doing a riff at White African later on this year and if you really want to know what Your Web AddiCT thinks the future holds for all of you who are reading this, stay tuned.

Here is a list of things mentioned before that you can be look forward to in the near future on this blog:

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Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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