Why Google was a top searched keyword on Ananzi in 2006

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Bizcommunity reports that Jobs & Chat beat sex searches on Ananzi, heck even Google Searches on Ananzi beat sex.

The keyword results are indicators of the general information needs of South African internet users, and 2006 was the year that visitors to the site were fervently searching for job security and opportunities – all year round. This can be attributed to the ever-filling pool of learners and graduates leaving schools every year, as even though the rate of job creation shows an improvement on the employment rate as a whole, there are not enough vacancies to go around.

Top Ten Keywords for 2006
1) Jobs
2) Property
3) Maps
4) Furniture
5) Chat
6) Google
7) Dating
8) Car hire
9) Accommodation
10) Sex

Ok lets look at why people will search for Google, anothe rsearch engine on Ananzi, the advetising site & directory with a bit of search. Fact: South Africa social media sites with a fraction the ‘readership’ ananzi has brings in more traffic to some of our sites than Ananzi does even though we rank #1 for many different, relevant keywords & phrases. You think a site it should be found on ananzi for a specific keyword & its their, at number 1. The sites I’m referring to are site that Your Web AddiCt(s); have optimized & submitted to ananzi somewhere along the line.

Why would people be searching for Google when they are at Ananzi? Maybe because they do not find what they are searching for on Ananzi.

It is great that Ananzi shares this information but should Ananzi not be careful in letting everyone know that their competition is the one of the top searches for a year?

Is Ananzi only holding the spade or have they started digging?

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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