HowTo save time while keeping track of the conversation on blog comments: Use your RSS reader.

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Did you know that there is morethan one RSS feed available for WordPress blogs?

There are many RSS feeds available with Your WordPress blog actually: from keeping track of specific categories, certain authors (how Clug Park published posts from this blog written by yours truly only), you are able to track the comments on blogs via RSS too.

You’ve posted a comment on a blog, when there is a heated debate the conversation spans many, many blogs. You comment here, you comment there, you comment everywhere.

If you’ve commented on a blog, if your intention is to keep track of the comments you’ve posted and the responses to those comments you’re probably thinking… ‘I can just check up on all those sites while drinking my coffee on Monday morning, I have 5 minuted to kill before the monday morning meeting.’ You’ve only checked one site & the responses to those comments, 10 more to go but the Monday morning meeting has started already, there is always lunch hour.

From previous conversations via IM and Email, apparently only Geeks care about things like this but if your’re on a mission to get more people Online involved in the conversation why not educate them?

Here is HowTo keep track of the conversation on WordPress blog comments in Your RSS reader:

If the wordrpess blog you’ve commented on uses easy to read URI’s (website addresses) all you need to do is take said WordPress blog domain name for example and add the following to the end of the URL /comments/feed

And there you have it an RSS feed for all the comments made on Justin Hartman’s blog. This works on every WordPress blog, another reason to consider WordPress as Your blogging platform of choice.
Here is Your Web AddiCT(s); comments feed via RSS powered by feedburner. Why feedburner? The statistics and feedflares. Your Web AddiCT(s) favourite favourite feedflares for comments:

  • Add to (Share the comment with eveyone)
  • Comment count (Shows you have many comments there are on that post)
  • Email the author (Want to contact the author of the particular post but prefer not to leave a message in public)
  • Email this (Send this comment via Email to a friend/colleague/client or 2.0)

If you do not use RSS yet and still rely heavily on email for everything subscribe to Comments from Your Web AddiCT(s); blog by Email to receive the latest comments if your Inobx isn’t already overflowing with unread messages.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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