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Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

Technorati updates are as fresh as the news in your Sunday Newspaper. Since using Google’s blog Search I haven’t gone back to technorati except to check how many days/weeks ago they say a blog has been updated, and laughed.

Our good friend Mike ‘Corporate 2.0’ Stoprfoth has had similar issues with Technorati, not once but 2.0 times.

ByeBye Technorati, Hello Google Blog Search.

Blog Search is Google search technology focused on blogs. Google is a strong believer in the self-publishing phenomenon represented by blogging, and we hope Blog Search will help our users to explore the blogging universe more effectively, and perhaps inspire many to join the revolution themselves. Whether you’re looking for Harry Potter reviews, political commentary, summer salad recipes or anything else, Blog Search enables you to find out what people are saying on any subject of your choice.

Your results include all blogs, not just those published through Blogger; our blog index is continually updated, so you’ll always get the most accurate and up-to-date results; and you can search not just for blogs written in English, but in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese and other languages as well.

For those of you who ego-surf enter your name and surname into Google Blogsearch. If you’d like to know what the blogosphere thinks about your new product, service, website, anything

We’ve told you about our new mobile firendly site, & if you are interested to see what other bloggers are saying about itรƒโ€šร‚ check this.

Ok, so how to automate the process and keep track of everything you want to know more of without having to repeat the searches in Google Blogsearch or even have to go back to Google blogseaerch?

RSS & Google Alerts are the answer. For every Search you do in Google blog Search you’ll notice the following links to the left of the results:


Atomรƒโ€šร‚ |รƒโ€šร‚ RSS

Plug the RSS feed into your RSS reader and always know who is saying what about a specific product, service, product or person. Available via email too.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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