VeloCITI Bridging Course explained

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Part of the expected success of the VeloCITI program is the sharing of knowledge, skills, Lessons Learned and networks amongst the participants. The Bridging Course will assist the program organizers with the final selection of the participants by identifying those who have a desire to grow (as individuals as well as the business), are willing to share information, are open to be challenged on their business model, and are sufficiently entrepreneurial minded to cope with the challenges that running your own business brings with it.

The program sponsors have made money available for a maximum of 15 companies and we have to identify the 15 most suitable candidates. The program organizers, namely the Bandwidth Barn and Cape Venture Partners have identified a significant difference in the business acumen of the applicants.

The Bridging Course will therefore also be used for final screening to identify which applicants should be grouped together moving forward. Running through the Bridging Course will also ensure that a common terminology is known to al participants and that certain business principles have been refreshed and are therefore on top of mind of all participants.

The subject of the Bridging Course is a high level analysis of the Common Sources of Failure for Entrepreneurs. Areas covered are typical mistakes in the area of Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Strategy and People, looking at the entrepreneur himself as well as Human Resources challenges that come with growing your business.

The Bridging Course as well as a large part of the VeloCITI program will be conducted by Cape Venture Partners (CVP), who previously also ran a similar program, LaunchPad. At CVP each partner brings academic background, corporate senior management experience, entrepreneurial experience and a hands-on track record in dealing with start-up companies to the team. More information can be found at

Attendance at the course is mandatory. The 2-day course will take place at the Bandwidth Barn and starts at 9am and ends at around 4pm in the afternoon. The bridging course is offered at no cost to the participant, except time and pen and paper.

I hope the blurb above has answered the questions that have been coming through but please let me know if you have any other queries.

Thank you Odette.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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