South Africa needs a SimplyHired (Job board widget for blogs)

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SimplyHired is announcing a service called รƒยขรขโ€šยฌร…โ€œJob-a-matic.รƒยขรขโ€šยฌ? This enables bloggers to easily (ie, adding a snippet of HTML) to their blogs in order to host a jobs board.

Guy Kawasaki mentioned this on his How to Change the world blog.

Did a SimplyHired search for South Africa and got zero results. Looking at the comments in Moderation on this blog blog alone there are 5 jobs for the taking. Guy, your blogs called how to change the world, why is simply hired not covering the world yet? Silly question, do not bother responding .
Mr Guy Kawasaki, a fan I am. Of the 100+ RSS feeds, yours is the first I read, then maybe Seth, throw in geek and poke for a bit of fun.

From a South African perspective, the early adopters either have their own or read many blogs. The same early adopters Google are sniffing out for their South African offices. The same early adopters who are most likely able to fill postions in an industry that is going to put Africa on the map.

Simply Hired is announcing its รƒยขรขโ€šยฌร…โ€œJob-a-maticรƒยขรขโ€šยฌ? publisher network. In a nutshell, Job-a-matic allows Simply Hired to bring job listings to any site out there who feels itรƒยขรขโ€šยฌรขโ€žยขs relevant for their audience. It takes just a few minutes to set up, provides contextually relevant jobs to any Web site, and even allows the blogger or Web publisher to make some money for bringing this service to their users. Once a site sets up Job-a-matic, we fill it with paid job listings relevant for that site. In addition, the publisher can also elect to sell listings to their audience at any price they choose.

An example of where the simplyhired widget would work on local blogs would be GottaQuirk (did you get the trackback?), now that one of the interns have pulled out and Vinny “Don’t move to San Francisco..please” Lingham in his never-ending quest for talent.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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