TED2008 Registration Open – Sign up now and get a free TED video iPod

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TEDTED have announced the opening of registration for the new TED memberships which include attendance at TED2008.
You can sign up here.
The conference will happen from February 27th to March 1st, 2008 in Monterey, California and price for Conference Membership is $6000.

The theme for TED2008 has also been revealed, which is…“The Big Questions”, like ‘Who are We’, ‘What is Love’, ‘What is Evil’, ‘What will the Future be like’, and other such fascinating and mind boggling questions. Find out more here.

Although the new registration system means there need not be a panicked rush to secure your main hall pass, all who successfully register before February 14th will receive a customized TED video iPod, a beautiful, black, laser-engraved TED-customized 30 GB Video iPod preloaded with all 65 TEDtalks released so far.

The new registration system, as per the TED newsletter I got, will work as follows:

  • All registrations received ahead of the February 14th deadline will be treated as early registrations of equal status.
  • If less than 300 Conference Membership registrations received, all will have Main-Hall-Priority Status.
  • If more than 300 received, 150 Main-Hall-Preferred memberships will be allocated to long-standing TEDsters or those who have contributed meaningfully to the community. The remaining 150 Main-Hall-Priority memberships will be allocated by random draw from among the remaining applicants. Those that aren’t drawn will be offered Standard Conference Memberships.
  • If more than 800 Conference Membership registrations are received by Feb 14, we will first select the 600 we believe will bring most to TED going forward… then we will select another 200 by random draw and the remainder will be placed on a wait-list for possible acceptance later in the year.
  • You will be notified by February 21st whether your registration has been successful and whether you have Main-Hall-Priority status. You will then have the option to cancel without penalty… or to upgrade to a different membership plan.
  • Higher priced Donor and Patron memberships will be limited to 50. If more than 50 is received before February 14th, then same procedure for choosing conference memberships will determine the 50 accepted applications. The others will be treated as Conference Membership applications.

So you might be asking “I can’t afford the new membership plans. Can I apply for a reduced-price plan?” like us. 🙂
TED’s answer: “Yes, but we won’t be awarding those until September.”

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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