The 27Dinner You-niverse

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The 27 was good. The 27 Dinner was as good as everyone said it was and as bad as everyone said it could be. You’re a geek, marketer, trend watcher, kak talker, awesome speaker, poser, amphibian, fantastic musician, undecided, drop-dead-gorgeous, in it for the free beverages, web hippy, CEO, looking for the next big thing to make yourself more money, entrepreneur, love what you do and are passionate about your chosen career path, want to date a business, blogger, farmer, photographer… you are you and you were at the 27GeekDinner.

dark matter of the blogosphere

Within the galaxies that make up the blogging universe, the South African Galaxy made up of many solar systems comprising of the elements mentioned above.

Becuase you’re a big planet in your solar system does not make you a big planet in other solar systems, the orbital patterns differ and some other big scientific words that i slept through in high school due to too much callmore time spent dialed-up all night for R7. Remeber those days?

Back to reality, oh there goes gravity….The Geek Shall inherit the earth. What makes a geek? I believe its not what you do, not what you score on an outdated geek test or by calling yourself geek. Why? /me thinks geeks do not set out to be geeks, you cannot follow a step by step guide on how to be a geek. You know if you are or are not a geek, usually you’re the last person to realise that you are a geek.

This moment of self-realisation usually happens when you least expect it, welcome to the new world.

27Dinner Rocks shot to the many minds that made it happen. That business card cd does not work on my and a whole table full of attendees pcs/notebooks running our Operating System of Choice. You wasted your clients money gave us all new coasters for our mugs of coffee, thanks..

Suggestions for future 27 dinners:

  • Less is more.
  • Evenly spread the mix of conversation topics to match the individuals attending.
  • Time for another BarCamp.

Your Web AddiCT(s); shared items are publicly accessible. Read what the planets and dark matter thought about the first 27Dinner in Cape Town here (and there’s an RSS feed too)

Some of the topics covered by some of the speakers:

  • New, re-used and used mobile technology.
  • Affiliate Marketing. It might not have made sense but it does make Rands and cents on this blog.
  • HowTo prevent a desk from getting coffee stains with free coaster.
  • Cape Town does not Suck! Does smell like I&J though.

Some things noticed that are worth linking and/or mentioning:

  • You saw who Your Web AddiCT spends most all of his time with when not working. (Lucky bastard I am, i know).
  • Rabelang, Yeigo get your voip working on your mobile phone now.
  • Verity and her variety of charities.
  • The ZA Show podcast.
  • Guy Lundy Rocks.
  • is going to be awesome.
  • Podcasts will be available soon of the speakers at the 27 Dinner Event, danke QUirk.
  • PeerPower will be blogging soon, I’ll make sure of it.
  • An innovative way to use LinkedIn.
  • Miguel is starting a collection fo StormHoek T-shirts.
  • Thanks to the Garden Route’s corporate refugee and the Legend Stii for making the trip to My Mother’s City.
  • Thank you for all the effort from Corporate 2.0, Connect the dots and IMM2.0.
  • 27-4 happening on freedom day (27 April 2007) list already grows, get your name added to the wiki before its too late.

If you’ve seen Mel Gibson’s apocolypto, how do you end a blog post in the same way that awesome movie did?

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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