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cambrian houseWhat is Cambrian House?
Cambrian House is ushering in the era of the crowd. Named for the Cambrian period, which witnessed the most explosive episode of organic diversification in earth’s history, Cambrian House is the perfect breeding ground for powerful ideas that grow and prosper with help from the crowd.
Tapping the Wisdom of Crowds
Cambrian House uses the principle that, under the right conditions, crowds can be as smart or smarter than the smartest individuals, as detailed by author James Surowiecki in his book “The Wisdom of Crowds.” Cambrian House endeavours to use the wisdom of crowds to find the best new business ideas and to fine tune those ideas for mass distribution.
Tapping the Participation of Crowds
Many people have great ideas but not enough money or contacts to develop or market them. Millions of people around the world have great talents but only the option of working for an hourly wage, and many times not even using their real skills and interests. Cambrian House aims to unite those people and empower them to create and market those ideas and to share in the profits. Modestly stated, Cambrian House is bringing in a revolution in how business is done!

Miguel has submitted a few business and fun ideas on cambrian house, have a look and vote which ever way you see fit. We’ve even made it to the Cambrian House Blog’s blogroll *honoured, thank you*

Cambiran House Ideas:

Cambrian House is an awesome spot to crowdsource ideas you might have, if the crowds like it, they build it & you can earn some MoolaMula if it becomes a commercial product/service.

To those South Africans who have not read about Cambrian House before and have thought of developing something similar, don’t. Why re-invent the wheel? Join the Cambrian House community, encourage your peers to join and get more South African ideas onto the International crowdsourcing scene. Making a system relevant to South Africa does not require building a system for South Africa. It only needs more South Africans to join the the global conversation.

Think Local. Act Global.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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