Does Blogging do to the Web what Pro20 is doing to Cricket?

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Almost everyone watched the FIFA World cup. Many South African’s watch the ICC Cricekt World cup. Many local bloggers watch & blog about the Cricket World Cup.

After watching the Proteas VS Aussies encounter yesterday, congrats Australia, it suddenly occured to me: They’ve gone and taken the Pro20 style of playing and extended it to a full 50 over One Day international.

This is good for everyone: spectators, players, Simpler. Better. Faster. Inpired Motivated Involved advertisers… cricket has become so much more exciting.

Way back when I used to be a Jonty Rhodes fan, even named my pet hamsters Jonty & Kate many many years ago. I’d read Jonty Rhodes’ blog.


Back to the Title of this post: Does blogging do to the web what Pro20 is doing to Cricket? No more settling in the first 15 overs. Now it is run-a-ball from the first ball. Morethan run-a-ball if you’ve got the worlds best Cricket teams up against each other (South Africa & Australia).

You’ve got everyone in the field diving. Thank you Jonty Rhodes (fielding coach for the Proteas) .

High class batting until Greame goes and gets hurt.

Superb bowling. Andrew Hall’s become a death-bowler of note.

Everyone on the cricket field is upping their game

I believe Pro20 is largely responsible for the increased rate of scoring and the resulting increased quality in fielding, batting and bowling.

In the same way I believe blogging has upped the game for everyone in the World Wide Web.

Make a mistake, the blogosphere starts to buzz.

Do something right, the blogosphere finds what you’ve missed. Kinda like a third umpire.

Let bloggers play with your new product or web service before anyone else and you’re able to improve the quality without the cost and altered mindests of focus groups. You’ll even get free publicity, unwanted sometimes like when Tyler Reed leaked Amatomu on his blog. Is any publicity ever bad publicity?

Do something wrong and get walloped out the park (not going to mention an example here)

The silly point of this post is: Your Web AddiCT believes that blogging improves the standard of all things web-related *period* in the same way Pro20 has imporved the quality of ODI’s.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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