Web fun-duh-mentals 101 : Register a domain name under your ownership.

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Hosting locally (in South Africa) is our 2nd largest business expense. Hosting a site or blog that gets a bit of traffic, like the blog you’re reading right now, costs more than the minumum wage of domestic workers. Are we paying domestic executives too little or are we paying to much for hosting?

A retorical question.

A certain amphibian and Your Web AddiCT are working on a way for you to host your content locally without having to compare it with your domestic’s wages. Right so our server could be considered an employee, it generates revenue, brings in business, serves as advertising space, a diary, wiki, blog, shopping cart. The list could continue but I’m losing the plot of this post.

Web FUN-duh-mentals 101: Registering your own .co.za domain name.

Why call it Web fun-duh-mentals 101?

  • We’re Your Group of Web AddiCT(s); and consider this FUN.
  • If you do not have the fundamentals in place for doing business/experiments/anything online you’re going to regret it and/or your costs are going to skyrocket in the long run which might cause you to go MENTAL.
  • Afterwords you’ll think back to when you didn’t follow these guidlines and go “DUH! What was I thinking?”

Your ISP, web designer, consultant has registered your domain name, have you checked who they have set YOU as the owner of the domain name?

It is of utmost importance that you own your own domain name. If you ever decide to move to another host or web server the owner of the domain name will be sent an authorization ticket. If you do not own your domain name and have access to the owner’s email you will not be able to move or update the domain name without any hastles.

Hassles could be sour grapes from your ISP’s side and only does half of what you request. I’ve personally experienced this with a client recently when trasnferring a .com domain to our server.

Hi Sour Grapes

Before you accept the domain transfer please update the DNS, our client’s site is already configured on our server & mailboxes have been setup.

Kind Regards,


Then sour grapes goes and does not change the DNS & accepts the transfer ticket. While your domain name is being trasnferred, none of the data (DNS or owner info) can be altered. This could take anything up to a week with some service providers. This could mean you’ll be without a website or email for a week if sour grapes only did half his job and deleted your clients hosting account.

HowTo check if you are in fact the owner of your own domain name:

.co.za domain ownership and server info can be checked here. type in your domain name (without the .co.za) and hit the Enter key.

Ensure you or your companies details are found at 2a. registrant

For all other domain names check the info here.

Would you like som more Web fun-duh-mentals?

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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