Twitter, Twit this, Twit that

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Been playing with twitter for the past few weeks & days. Finding it really handy with miguel being on a well deserved break and he twitter’s ever so often on his trip down the Orange river.

Was reading Wired Gecko and noticed some new twittering tools. A little twit this button on Pauls blog.

Charl van Niekerk Norman is pondering some interesting new uses for twitter involving Muti & Jabber have a look see.

For now, you’ll find the twit this button, top right, in the hot spot. The Twit this button (available in a text only verion too) allows you to submit the page you’re currently reading to your twitter. It even converts the URL to something short with tinyurl as not to exceed your 140 character limit.

  • A couple people seem to be setting up Twitter feeds for their blogs. I wonder if anyone wants to receive Wired Gecko on Twitter? I don’t really see that as having any real point with the limit of 140 characters …

  • Small typo Rafiq bud, Its Charl v Niekerk..

    So what do you rate? Ive been figthting what buttons to put below your post to spark social interaction e.g.

    Digg, Muti, Reddit, Sphere it, Twit this, Stumbleupon? Which is worth your time for traffic and backlinks?

  • TYFYC Paul, Zoopedup Charl – I do not see the value in setting up twitter feeds for blog, why automate a human process that is intended to be done by people?

    CHarl N – Oops ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d suggest aksing you user what they use, maye drop an email to the peeps who comment the most on your blog to find out what social tools they use & why. It differs for every site as the target user/reder differs.