What do the Cricket World Cup, Cellular Communication & Credit Cards have in common?

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graeme smithCricket World Cup: Today South Africa play Australia in the ICC Cricket World Cup semi-final. For those of you who are stuck in your cubicle, infront of a monitor and will not be able to enjoy the Cricket World Cup semi-final on TV. You can get live cricket scores via RSS or Jabber/Google Talk instant messaging using Crictimes twitter. Still haven’t gotten twitter working within MXit. Has anyone out there gotten it right?

Who sponsors the Proteas?

pieter de villiersCellular communication: During a VeloCITI session, Clickatell founder, Pieter de Villiers did an awesome presentation about the start-up growing pains Clickatell experienced and how their awesome South African mobile communication platform enables anyone from dentists to large corporates to stay in touch with their clients via SMS. Similar to how the bank I use for my personal account sent an SMS to inform me that my credit card was ready for collection. I’d like to thank Clickatell for being one of the first sponsors of this blog. The banner ad helps cover the heavy bandwidth costs.

Credit Cards: Your Web AddiCT(s); credit card expired, bank called a month after it expired and asked where (what branch of the bank it should be delivered too). Got an SMS a week later instructing me to pick up the card, the credit card did not arrive at the bank yet. The lovely teller said an SMSÂÂ will be sent when the credit card arrives. 25 days days later & I still haven’t received the SMS or call from my bank.ÂÂ Same bank that sponsors the Proteas, same bank that uses cellular communication to stay in contact with their customers, same bank Your Web AddiCT has his Mastercard at.

What do the Wold Cup Cricket, Cellular Communication & Credit Cards have in common? The same bank that is not Simpler Better Faster neither are they Inspired Motivated Involved.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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