Some MXit & Blogging Positives for Patricia de Lille

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Everyone is buzzing due to Paticia de lille’s FUD surrounding Blogging & MXit.

Here are few positives aspects about MXit and blogging and how it applies to everyone in South Africa, not just the rich or poor

MXit & Blogging bridges the digital divide.
Certain decision makers have not done enough to bring an end to the Telkom Monopoly here in South Africa. We pay too much for bandwidth which in turn causes every other aspect of doing business online more expensive. The World Bank suggests that we do business online & the more Online South African businesses there are the more jobs will be created for all (reads like a 1994 election poster).

What does MXit & blogging have to do with it?

MXit makes communication much cheaper while blogging software, used correctly, cuts the cost of publishing content online. An example would be Lavaink Promotional Prinitng in Cape Town, a start-up promotional printing company that is using their blog to generate business leads. We’ve assisted them in determining their online strategy & using a blog to market themselves online was the most cost-effective option to ‘wet their feet’ in the online world as the cost of developing their website was reduced by 90% because of freely available open source blogging software. They are now being inundated with requests for quotes via thier Promotional Printing blog and their business is growing, because of blogging.

Blogging makes your journey on the roads safer.

Arrive Alive have started the Road Safety blog and the results speak for themselves.

MXit assists learner drivers in finding quality driving schools

South Africa have some of the most dangerous roads in the world. I personally believe that making our roads safer should start by ensuring that the newest licensed drivers should be trained by certified driving instructors of the utmost quality. One of our projects, – thedriving school search engine, does just that by assisting you to find certified driving schools & instructors as easy as possible. Prevention is better than cure after all.

Since April 2006 we’ve been using MXit for support and have connected over 200 would-be licensed drivers with driving school using MXit only, apart from the 1000’s of South Africans that have found their driving schools via the website.

We’re taking this a step further by integrating the website’s search & contact functionality into MXit thus enabling the 3.5 million MXit users (40% who are between the ages of 16 and 24) to find quality driving schools easy, at rates cheaper than SMS.

So Patricia de Lille, I hope this adds a silver lining to your dark MXit/Blogging FUD cloud.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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