Back from TEDglobal2007 and…

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i am thinking now

I am thinking now
Back in Cape Town and realising how lucky we are to live in this developed/beautiful/diverse country. Tanzania might be pretty but in Cape Town we do not have to brush our teeth with bottled water.

I’ve got so many pics and video clips of TED Global 2007 to share with you, purposefully blogged as little as possible while in Arusha as there were many other African bloggers to keep you updated. Your Web AddiCT will be pulling on TED Global 2007’s long tail for a while to come.

Looking forward to future African explorations and reconnecting with the many passionate people met at tedglobal2007. The only question is, “Where to begin?”

Think it’ll start how our tedglobal2007 journey ended as it could be compared to the Bono/Ayittey showdown.

  • Welcome! I saw some thousands of miles away…how do we proceed?

  • I meant I saw you…I hope you re fully rested from the trip. Lets connect at your convenience.