South Africa to host the 6th Science Centre World Congress in 2011

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Yay, bring on the geeks and brilliant minds to South Africa, and bonus it’s going to be in Cape Town, 10 minutes from where I stay.

South Africa has won the bid to host the sixth Science Centre World Congress in 2011 at the MTN ScienCentre, situated at the Canal Walk in Cape Town, fending off competition from Egypt to become the first African nation to do so.

Now that South Africa has won this bid, “hundreds of the world’s best in the field of science communication will be arriving, just a year after the sportsmen come here for the World Cup,” said MTN ScienCentre head, Julie Cleverdon in a statement issued last week.

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I’ve always loved the mind boggling gadgets and science stuff at the MTN ScienCentre, now it looks like the worlds best is going to come to my doorstep, practically.

  • That is excellent news! I am thinking that we need to book accommodation early (ok, maybe not yet, but at least months ahead of time) because I bet Cape Town will be pretty full during this congress!

    What would be unbelievably cool though is if we could hold a DEFCON over here! Oh man, just imagine! Hackers from all over! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • That would be cool. Pitt them up against each other Science Buff’s vs Hackers
    White lab coats vs Black trench coats ๐Ÿ™‚
    I won’t say Light side vs Dark side, because that line is so blurred they are often times reversed.

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