Facebook less: Turn off email notifications.

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Before you get an email like this…

Dear Company employees

Herewith notice that with immediate effect Facebook will be regarded as an unacceptable website in terms of our Conditions of Employment and in line with our ITC Policy. This site will be barred from our network and users wishing to continue with this service will need to do so in their personal capacity with personal resources.

Save bandwidth & time wasting, turn off your email notifications. I have & its increased my productivity many times over. You are able to select why facebook emails you.

Stop the emails of new comments and those pesky application invites. Save facebook for after hours, limit yourself to the number of minutes, hours, days lost being distracted by ‘take this test’ or use this applcation blah blah or keep your facebook activities within facebook by turning off your facebook email notifications.

To turn off your email notification do the following in Facebook: (You’re probably logged in right now so clicking the link will take you to the right page :))

  1. Click account
  2. Click Notifications
  3. Now untick ALL the notifications you do not wish to receive
  4. Click Save Changes

Dpending on your selection of Facebook notifications you’ve unticked you might get a message that resembles the following:

You will not receive email notifications when someone:

  • Sends you a message
  • Adds you as a friend
  • Writes on your Wall
  • Pokes me
  • Tags you in a photo
  • Tags you in a note
  • Tags one of your photos
  • Invites you to join a group
  • Invites you to an event
  • Requests to join a group of which I am an admin
  • Requests to join an event of which I am an admin
  • Comments on your notes
  • Comments on your photos
  • Comments on your posted items
  • Comments on a photo of me
  • Comments after you in a photo
  • Comments after you in a note
  • Comments after you in a posted item
  • Tags you in a video
  • Comments on your videos
  • Comments on a video of me
  • Replies to your discussion board post

We do not want your company to block Facebook, its too darn useful, so please Facebook during lunch hours or after work.

Focus, Focus, Focus…

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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