Is Mxit Ready for Mobile Commerce?

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Whenever Mobile commerce is mentioned, Usually the first thing that comes to alot of peoples’ minds is, mobile content purchase and delivery, which mainly consists of:

  1. the sale of ring-tones,
  2. wallpapers
  3. and games for mobile phones.

Well think again,,,
Mobile-commerce is a new way of conducting businesses across the mobile networks industry , especially the mobile phone sector. And as with any other application technology, it presents both opportunities for improvements and solutions to potential problems that may arise in businesses.

At the present time in South Africa, there aren’t many M-commerce happening at all, and one major player that has got the potential to unlock this new niche (if i may call it), is one company that has got tremendous amount of potential in the mobile phone and information exchange sector , it is none other than , the inFamous Mxit.

When you take a very solid and stable Instant messaging mobile application like mxit , and mash it up with m-commerce, what you get is a brand new successful and booming industry with tremendous potential which can succed beyong anybody’s wildest dreams.
And so, one might wonder , why use mxit for m-commerce?

Well , The answer is simple, mxit has got more than 4 million user that uses the service everyday this is a huge market to tap into. In other words, you get 4 million users placed under one umbrella all at the same time it is much easier for you and your business to present your products and services directly without any intermediate disruption to your customers.
there are few key components that must be in place to ensure the efficiency and success of this mashup between m-commerce and mxit, perhaps the most important one would be ofcourse the infrastructure to build on in order to cater for this huge ever growing mobile commerce industry.
From the businesses point of view, mxit-M-commerce mashup , would provide wide range set of intergrated business opportunities, here are some of the opportunities it presents.:

  1. electronic payments systems diretclty on your Mobile phone.
  2. Simplifying how people work together, with IM’s
  3. The finding and analysing information, products and services instantly over mxit
  4. Real-time managing of content,
  5. Mobile banking can also be done.
  6. The cut of costs and the increase of security and productivity.
  7. The growth of Consumer to Consumer(C2C) Mobile commerce, can play a very important role in reducing the use of the classified sections in newspaper, people would no longer have the need to advertise and sell personal items in newspapers when they can simply do it over mxit.

Therefore, As people continue to have an appreciation of the good value mxit brings into their world, and as the gap between businesses and consumers is constantly bridging having this m-commerce capability on mxit would be a great achievement indeed.
this is really what is going to open up the world.

From having simple IM, and Splash-Screen advertizing to a truly highly-consumer-oriented mobile commerce, This is gonna change the way mobile business has always been done, it might not happen now, but the future looks certainly bright for mxit and mobile commerce.

Some advice for companies out there, here is why you should take advantages of this m-commerce, it’s gonna increased revenues and decreased costs for your companies, improve your customer satisfaction most importantly a mashup like this can set a new bench mark for perfomance and exploiting the new opportunities both mxit and m-commerce poses to the various industries, and oh yes, did i mention it?
Yeessss, mxit is more than ready for Mobile commerce!

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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