10 Things to do Online Before You Die!

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Based on the current trends and new technologies that are emerging on the web, I have compiled a list of the TEN MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO ONLINE BEFORE YOU DIE.

Incase you didn’t know , “User generated content” is the current philosophy and strategy online.

Now, Since more and more people are beginning to understand that, we live in an open society on the web , people are looking for more ways to expand , explore and communicate, Hence cutting-out other activities to spend a lot more of their time online as opposed to be doing other things like watching TV .

Which brings me to the 10 most important things to do online before you die.

  1. 1.Googl’ing : google

Why? : Googling simply means searching information on google( This word has been added into dictionaries world wide).it’s not just about search, there is a lot more to googl’ing than you think there is. googl’ing involves other things such as Googl’ing maps …

2. Create a Entry on Wikipedia : Wikipedia

Why? : it is the biggest multilingual free-content encyclopedia on the Internet. make it a priority at some point in your lives to make an entry and share your knowledge with other people on wikipedia for a change. Don’t be affraid, contribute!

3. Start a Group or a Worthy Cause on Facebook :

why? social networking is beginning to prove it self as a voice to be reckoned with amongst online societies . you can start a revolution via Social networking way. Be part of the movement!

4. Online Social Tagging:

Why ?: Social Tagging involves “Tagging” (eg Deli.ci.ou.s …) or Submition of content (to sites such as Muti, digg …), sharing it the community online. At some point in your life, you will stumble-up-on great content online, Go ahead Tagg it, share it and Enjoy it!

5. RSS’ing:

Why? : Really Simple Syndication or RSS . how else would you keep up with this rapidly changing Information Age that we live in. Using RSS will prevent you from being left behind.

6. Purchase Something Online :

Why? : At the present time, the cost of doing online commerce has decrease drastically since the beginning of web2.0, therefore it makes perfect sense to at least take advantage of these opportunities while you can. Purchase something or make a deal online , the opportunities are endless .

7.Share Videos onLine:

Why : online Video sharing has a massive audience and therefore it makes perfect sense to at least be part of this movement. Online Video Sharing is taking a tall-> be part of it!

8.Share Photos OnLine :

Why? : Similarly with online Video sharing , Online Photosharing has become a very valuable part of our ONLINE lives. it’s an amazing experience when you get to share you party photos, or holiday photos with friends and family or even the whole world out there.


Why? : FireFox’ing means using FireFox as browser atleast once in a while. Also , it’s no just about using FireFox as your default browser, if you happen to be a programmer, you can also now contribute by writing add-ons and pluggins, for this revolutionary browser and make it efficient to use.

10.Your Choice :

Why? : I emphasized a lot on UGC (User Generated Content ) and this is why i left No.10 to be your choice ! This one is for whatever you feel that i should have added on this list. So go ahead, the power is yours! 🙂

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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