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Ok, I must admit when I first heard of BlogRush I was skeptical of the sustainability of their model. It sounded very much like a pyramid scheme, but not quite. However I was wrong.

Here is why their model is sustainable? and Good.

1 widget : 5 headline links

Your Own Traffic = 1:1
1st Generation Of Referrals = 1:1
2nd Generation Of Referrals = 1:1
3rd – 6th Generation Of Referrals = 1:4
7th – 10th Generation Of Referrals = 1:8

Check out the table I got from the Squidoo Lens for BlogRush

BlogRush Table

So in the case where you have 10 generations of referrals, BlogRush still has 10% of their links free to play around with. For now they say they will be giving those links to promote low traffic blogs, but one can see the potential for advertisers to purchase those left over link spaces.

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However there are Challenges

The next thing I thought when first learning about BlogRush was, surely you could just refresh your website all the time and get blog post syndicated more across the network, or use tools that automatically do that for you. (i.e. Spam)

For one, it’s unethical, but when has that stopped anyone, and secondly it will screw with your statistics, if you care about such things.

Well, up till now people have been using these tools to spam BlogRush with false page impressions to get more referral traffic, however that’s about to change BlogRush have since implemented some anti-spam filters that not only prevent spammers but apparently track those spammers, so legal action can be taken against them.

In a newsletter BlogRush has sent to all it’s members, they have issued a very serious warning to all spammers and made it clear that BlogRush is not just a “fad” and will be around for a long time.

Not only that, but they will be doing a manual review of all the websites on the BlogRush network, both new and existing, to make sure there are no “junk” websites. When I say “junk” I mean those websites that are packed full of advertising with no real content. This I think is a brilliant idea, but rather tedious in my opinion. However the only way they will be able to get those “junk” websites eliminated from the network is by human evaluation, unless they they develop some real sophisticated AI technology that even Goole don’t have.

What else is new?

BlogRush Flavors: Finally, BlogRush comes ins other colous besides black, as they’ve dubbed BlogRush “flavors”. It would be better if they could allow for more customisable widgets, than their predefined coloured widgets, but they say that will be coming soon, so hold tight. Their primary concern at the moment is eliminating spam widget impressions

Blog Post Filter: Filter your blog posts that appear in other widgets in the network. Every now and again we all write some arbitrary blog posts that fall outside the primary niche of your blog. Well now you can filter those posts out, so they don’t use up your valuable syndication credits and you have only good quality posts that shown across the network.

Widget Filter: You don’t care for some of the keywords that are appearing in your own blog’s BlogRush widget? Well, now you can filter those words out.

They’ve apparently fixed up some problems with their statistics, but I haven’t been able to see how as it’s currently still offline.

Personal experience, so far

We haven’t experienced any marked increase in blog traffic since implementing the blog rush widget, but it’s still early days and I’m still hopeful that things will get better.

Now that the spam problems are being addressed, some small customisability features have been implemented, with more on the way and now they I’m able to target my posts a bit more, I’m convinced that things will be looking up soon.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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