African ICT Achievers final adjudication…

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African ict achievers 2007

The final adjudication for the African ICT Achievers awards happened on Friday. Looks like the Web AddiCT(s); are dominating the Top Young ICT Innovator in Africa category as Marketing Geek, Dave Duarte is a finalist in the same category too.

The final adjudication was a bit nerve-wrecking not because of the questions that were asked but the way they were asked. Judges, Audotors, the media and some sort of facilitator. Some of the judges reminded me of those idols judges *blegh*

Then came the other interview with with cameraman (pictured above) then the session with the photographer. Asking Your Web AddiCT to do, what I’d consider Vinny Lingham poses… arms crossed, turn your shoulder 45 degrees, hand on your chin… say cheese

vinny lingham posing

Was having connectivity & battery life issues in Jozi while some ad hoc event organizing with twitter (i wrote this) was going down. Got to connect with Heather Ford (iCommons), Paul Jacobson, Justin Hartman, Armand d P, Simone Puterman and the ever funny Danie Roux (remember his talk@27?). Was great to meet you guys.

Something else that was very interesting, one of the judges, The Dean of the Faculty of Informatics and Design at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (studied there), Professor Johannes Cronje, is on facebook. How many Facebooking professors do you know?

Your Web AddiCT(s); new media social experiment continues… read more about the it here

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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