27Dinner Cape Town – The tourists are here!

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27Dinner Cape Town happened. Awesome it was to see old faces, many new faces and to welcome the tourists🙂

27dinner cape town

First off we had Flow Interactive’s Phil Barret(UK) do a talk about my granny and nuns using the Internet.

phil barret
I work most of the time for Flow Interactive, a user experience design, research and strategy consultancy based in London. But I live most of the time in Cape Town, South Africa. There’s big demand for user experience design here and I’m doing what I can to meet it.

Then Randolf Jorberg (Germany) went on about the wonders of affiliate marketing.

randolf jorbergRandolf Jorberg, who’s been known in the german-speaking part of the Internet as ‘gulli‘ since 1998, when he started a website that soon turned into one of the Top100 german Websites.
I’ve been living with and on the internet for close to ten years and I feel confident that there aren’t too many other experts with a comparable knowledge on internet marketing and the online world in general.

I’m currently living in Cape Town (South Africa) as well as in Bochum (Germany) and switching back and forth.
While having an established internet company (fliks it-solutions GmbH) in Germany, Bochum, in the middle of Germany’s biggest urban area (the Ruhrgebiet) I’m looking forward starting a new enterprise here in Cape Town. Seeing differences as well as similarities between these two markets in development and the leading US-market on the contrary, shows me many options, where their future is headed to.

The Germans & English are number one and two on the list of tourists who visit Cape Town the most. Hope you guys enjoy your stay. Judging from Randolf’s facebook status at 4.01am on a Monday morning, he is.

Randolf Jorberg is SA rocks, but I really need to get my work done this week….

What got me stopping at the exit instead of saving a damsel in distress was Neil Blakely-Milner telling us about StarCamp

The *Camp (StarCamp if you’re dealing with something that doesn’t allow the ‘*’ character) is a self-organising not-a-conference in the spirit of BarCamp. There is no cabal deciding who gets to talk and on what – anyone can attend, and everyone who attends is strongly encouraged to offer to talk. While there may be particular streams (“GeekCamp”, for example) that some might be primarily interested in, the option is there to catch a talk on another stream, or just hang out.

The *Camp builds on the 2006 BarCamp Cape Town, the GeekDinner movement started post-BarCamp Cape Town, and the 27dinner phenomenon of finding new ways to get people together to learn from each other and to learn _of_ each other, to help build Cape Town as a leader in business and technology.

The first day of *Camp will primarily be presentations and discussions, while the second day of *Camp will have some “doing” events.

In the voice of Captain Planet, “BarCamp Cape Town… 27Dinner Cape Town… GeekDinner Cape Town… PodCamp Cape TownLet our powers combine.”

PS: Thanks to the Garden Route (stii, belinda, charlvn, jayx) massive for pulling through.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now 🗺️

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