2go Mobile, a Revolutionary mobile instant messaging App!!

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The local social mobile networking monopoly has been enjoyed by mxit for a while now, but this is about to change in no time. Allow me to introduce 2go mobile.

2go is an awesome new mobile chatting application , (like mxit) that has almost everything that every single mobile phone enthusiast needs in a mobile chat application.

For those people that know me well, they will collectively tell you , im a full time mxit admirer , although at the present time, only part-time due to experiments , and discoveries of other technologies such as 2go, (by the way) of which i think is a F-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c application!

2go mobile is currently in it’s V1.1, However , the application is mature enough and currently offers some off-da-hook features which mxit can only dream of.

Impressive is the word to describe it. This new Mobile app is setting itself out to become not only a social mobile network, but also an advertising platform for businesses and hopefully (let’s all keep our fingers crossed) a mobile marketplace which will be a first in South Africa. “Big businesses” are you taking notice?

From the end user’s point of view, 2go works much like mxit . some of the already out there features like chatrooms, are available, but it possesses some VERY unique features.

my personal favourite thus far is the status settings similar to Facebook & twitter, where the user actually sets their own status! , unlike mxit where, a set of buttons (whatever they are called) represents the user’s profile.

Folks at 2go, would you please tweak it to sync with Facebook profile status settings? that would be ultimately cooler.

also, here are some of other UNIQUE features that i found while exploring 2go absolutely fascinating :

  • virtually share credits with your friends,
  • Star Level : you get rewarded for using 2go services (have you ever been rewarded by the folks @ mxit for using their services? lol),

for more really cool features , check it out here .

The enticing factor = User interface (UI), absolutely magnificent!

The verdict = better or worse than mxit ? (for me) better than mxit considering the fact that it’s just started!

Download 2go on ur mobile phone at wap.2go.co.za and follow the procedures.

checkout the screen shots , even get involved in their forum on their website !

  • Great stuff, maybe just check the link at the top to the 2go site. 🙂

  • Sorry, something else. I just checked out the site but didn’t find the detail on the features page – is there any integration with other networks such as Jabber / Google Talk / MXit / Windows Live Messenger / IRC / etc perhaps? Any possibilities to develop custom applications that will plug into their framework?

  • This smells like a payed review or something, I’ve been playing around with 2go for a while, it’s nothing fantastic.

  • Tyler I’m with you, the first thing I thought was Paid Review. Firstly, it doesn’t look to revolutionary to start off with, then it doesn’t have the community.

    The only thing that can compete with mxit at the moment is if the carriers integrate something into the handset that won’t need you to send to a mxit number, that you can sommer send like that.

    It’s about the community, not about the tech. There are loads of absolutely great products out there that work much better than mxit (I agree, it has a clunky user interface) but that doesn’t matter – they don’t have the community.

  • Disclaimer : This ain’t no paid review!! i don’t know the people at 2go, and nor do they know me!

    i think that, the features 2go is currently offering are revolutionary!
    it’s really harsh to say that there is nothing special about 2go, coz when mxit first came up , no 1 said there is nothing special about mxit.
    i truly think 2go will be better than mxit (Please don’t get it twisted, it’s just what i think), but people will have to understand that for to 2go to get a good market share , mxit will have to lose their users, that’s just ridiculous.
    More over, the company has just got started and it’s going to get better with future versions. remember when mxit started? it improved over the years to be what it’s known today, so let us give 2go a chance too and see where it will take us.

    once again, I insist , this is not a PAID REVIEW!!

  • Tyler didn’t say it was a paid review, just that it reads like one – and hoo boy it sure does.

    I agree, it isn’t anything revolutionary – it’s not half bad, but not worth this kind of praise (words like “awesome”, “F-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c”, “impressive”, “unique”, “fascinating”, “cool”, “absolutely magnificent”)… that much praise crammed into a short blurb just screams bias 🙂

    No insult intended Yasser, just stating the obvious. Maybe my inner sceptic is having a bad day…

  • Maybe us bloggers are so cynical that we expect every post to be a slating 🙂 if it’s not then where’s the fun! 😛

  • Well personally I like to look at things critically. The days of taking what’s coming your way is over. These days people are picky and need a lot of convincing. If you ask me this is part of our natural technological evolution.

  • Yeah man, the days of taking coming your way are over, i 200% agree with u Chal, but when i was exploring 2go late at night and when i decided to write a post about it, i knew some people will not agree with me , but nevertheless, i still did. lol
    hence i called it revolutionary,
    now , you might not aggree with me, but im always open minded about new technologies, 🙂
    Let’s just wait and see where it will take us. 🙂

  • i could say it is revolutionary.it is fun for every one..big up!!!!!!!

  • well, unfortunately ,
    this app ain’t working on my phone anymore,

  • Afrodati

    people 2go is the best, exept for the fighting and yea im a waki, i love 2go my comment is, its the best since mxit

  • Darren

    I really feel that these days applications have to be far more user friendly than 2go to make it in this competitive market. Even MxIT is FAR to complex. Lets KISS. Start with the basics and then add in the nice to haves. Oh and MOST implortant it should add value to the user not make there lives more complex.

    I feel this is why Facebook is doing so well even though it launched after MySpace. They kept their interface simple and structured so one always knows where to find things. When FB makes change they also try not to make them too radical but rather just a many minor enhancements.

    I could go on for days but 2go just make me want to PUKE! I was already hating it with their awful download and registration process.

    Thanks for the post though it’s always nice to see what else is out there other than, nimbuzz, mxit, fring(My Fav), ebuddy, meep, mig33, etc

    Siya… 🙂

  • Marius

    How can I use 2go on my laptop?

    • @Marius,
      please refer all the questions you might have about 2go on their forum http://www.2go.co.za/forum/

      • Frans van Jaarsvel

        HI I loaded go credits , the money was deducted but did not receive any credits , please help ?

    • riaan

      how can i have 2go on my computer

  • johan

    Can somebody pls help / guide me on where to find the login page for 2go?


  • Chris

    Wanna take 2go for yeh yeh

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    can you send me the settings for 2go on my laptop please……….

    kindly regards

  • Mimi

    Cn i send pictures on 2go, n how?can i set my emotion, hw? Wats the latest versn of 2go?that wud rlly help. Thanx

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    I’m struggling 2 go to this web thing on ma PC

  • tebogo seun moeletsi

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    How to join wap2go

  • zuko i dnt get this

  • Being on 2go for sometime now has been fun however i do have to complain.

    Maybe you should really start looking at some of your moderators unfairness by letting people (their friends) abuse others and get away with it.

    Having a website myself helping the abused im due to sent you a letter of demand ordering you to dismiss those moderators or go to court because abuse and watching people being abused is a crimminal offence.

    No harm in pure fun as jokes but its gone to far now.



  • Veruschka

    can i also 2go on a laptop or pc? is yes what’s the website? please?

    • Elana

      Can you help a want to chat on my pc how can i what the wep site

  • bipsy :)

    all i need is a little help…my facebook chat onn2go doesn’t seem t be working! what do i do if thats the case? I’ve already registered on the facebook gateway

  • mstwntd01

    i was intriduced to 2Go and think it’s pretty cool, unfortunatly i am not all clued up when it comes to all this and am having some difficulty understanding how it works. when i logged on all was good and i had both Mxit and facebook on. next day same thing but as the day went on i could not seem to get my mxit contacts online. if anyone can assist it would be nuch appreciated.

  • i was surprised! i received a sms reading as follows:Hi cuz, your friend monica would like to start chatting and sharing pictures withme on 2go! so i must visit http://wap.2go.co.za to join 2go for free and much thanks! I REALLY LIKE THE IDEA BUT I DON”T KNOW HOW TO GO ABOUT IT JUST TO START AS SOON AS POSSIBLE CHATTING TO MY FRIEND MONICA! CAN U JUST ASSIST ON WHERE TO GO?

  • When i load the 2go chat my phone model doesnot appear

  • It thnk 2go is cool..nd i lke it…

  • Tougeedah

    2GO is absolutely 2 die 4 its fun its always quick to log onto nd the chatrooms will blow u away. Well done to the team

  • Magzi

    Can we get on our pc?

  • how do i login


      WAT IS IT ON 2GO?

  • buhle

    sorry bt i really think 2go jst might nt make it but still i would like to try it

  • Karen

    Hi there, I really like to chat on 2go. Can I download on my pc? My mobile phone’s battery does not last and it is really not nice. Please help me in this regards. Thank you

  • if you think you can try me(mr pimpsam)

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    i would like Thulani to call me and i will give him an alternative way 2use when he wants 2 chat

  • its a question.hw do i load 2go on my pc

  • I dont know nothing about 2go. How do i chat? How do i download?

  • i love 2go get me on it

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    my friend introduce this 2go website but how could i use it with my pc, and it is interesting wab more like mxit

  • Chad

    2go was good for a few days but lately i havent been able to chat to my facebook contacts, i have tried everythng but it doesnt work..so im going back to old FAITHFUL..MXIT RULES!!!

  • Interesting thanks. I’m going to check them out 🙂

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      sell ur phone then mail your friends if that is not toooooooo complicated.

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    will we be seeing 2go for the pc as with mxit?

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      ok so 2go is only on tha fon at moment coz i was tryin 2 downloadin it on ma laptop…..oh my name is Namatayi

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        Hi Namatayi, I am bafana. I also don’t have a clue how this works I was invited by Phaenda the previous year. anyone know who dat?

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    hi my name is Ndivhuwo i was invited by my friend KHUTHADZO 2 UR WEBSITE

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    i have a nokia 5530 music express phone. does 2go support this phone. where do i download 2go on my phone

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    iv got 2go and added my facebook contacts which dont show in my contacts.could it be that i had a capital letter at the beginning of my password. it doesnt allow me 2 add facebook contacts again

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  • Sheilla

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    • Halcyon

      On your mobile phone, visit the following website: http://wap.2go.co.za

      Follow the prompts to register. simple.

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    hai what on

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    I need to get to Millicenty Nxumalo and i’ve got no clue

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  • Eish! I was just invited to this 2go thing but I have no idea how it works.Help please!!!!

    I want to enjoy that.

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  • On your mobile phone, visit the following website: wap.2go.co.za

    Follow the prompts to register. simple.

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    How do I get more 2go credit. Why cant you use some services like sharing a file and group chatting without the 2go credit?

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  • Kasperskyxg3

    2go…This is Waaaaaay better than mxit or any other mobile chat apps that I’v seen. Goodbye mxit, Hello 2go. I’m a techhead & 2go is my number1 app, I Totally recommend it.

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    wats this i don’t know how it even works please someone give me more light.

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    Please on what you inquire about the 2go rooms please we need Kano chat room please



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    Im Chinny(aka chibobo) By name from University of Jos, i just want to complement people who programmed 2go to work very fine in phones, its very fun and very entertaining…One love…

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    Yasser – don’t you think you should maybe respond to all these comments? They all seem terribly confused. Thanks for the post!

  • Edith Richards

    How can I download 2go on my iPhone

  • Yasser

    how to download 2go on your phone ( from the 2go website )
    1) go to wap.2go.co.za on your mobile browser
    2)follow the prompts and fill the form
    3)download the 2go app on your phone
    4) once finished downloading, on your phone , launch and start chatting.:)

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