SynthaSite Beta released! , Lives up to expectations…

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As we all know by now , SynthaSite is a site that lets you publish websites easily on line.

The structure of the site is geared more around making it easy for users with no technical (html & css) knowledge to create Websites in simple, trouble-free style. What this means is, you can create a website , have and an assortment of goodies in the body of your website all in easy drag ‘n drop fashion.

The positive aspect of this beta release so far, is the ability to intergrate widgets , upload your own images and embed videos. Afterwards, when your website is ready, you can then publish it and host it either on Synthasite’s servers with , or simply download it as a zip file and host it elsewhere.

Here’s what you can directly expect with the beta release (as told by Synthasite):

  • Publishing – You can now publish your website on synthasite’s servers within minutes – for free!
  • Domain names – Get your own free sub-domain for your site (
  • Widgets – Revver Video, Metacafe Video, YourMinis and more…
  • Styles – a dozen site styles to choose from.
  • Dynamic Menus – Your site’s menu updates itself automatically as you add pages. You can also edit the menu manually.
  • Your Own Pictures – You can now add your own pictures to your site.
  • Improved User Interface – More efforts invested in into making it easier and faster to build websites.

From the average user’s point of view, I think that, Users (particularly) with limited technical skills (i.e HTML & CSS) would greatly benefit from the awesome looking UI, a variety of templates, as well as the capability to post content with a very simple content management system.

Sorry to say though, none of the sites that were created during the Tech Preview will be migrated to the new version of SynthaSite.(That’s kinda disappointin’)

Reason? I think it comes from a incredibly enhanced beta release resulting in a technical extrication. However, Synthasite promised it won’t happen again?

Verdict so far so good, Synthasite lives up to it’s highly anticipated prospects!

Lastly, one suggestion Folks @ Synthasite , if you could Integrate a simple search functionality for the sites , that would ultimately be “The” cherry on top of the cake!

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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