MXit’s NEW MultiMx Feature – Awesome New Feature Or Faulty Waste Of Time?

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A little while ago MXit released v5.3 With a NEW MultiMx Function , After a few days, and MANY problems they took the feature down, And the Version off their site, and “Claimed” it was just a BETA test and the stable release will be out soon.
This is what happened Next……

MXit released v5.3.0 with the NEW MultiMx Feature, MXit users very excited to use it…..BUT…..

For most MXit users, It has been a bad experience… ONCE AGAIN!!

Heres The MXit teams overview on MultiMx:

MXit V5.3 brings you MultiMx

Imagine chatting to your contacts at the same time with just one clickรƒยขรขโ€šยฌร‚ยฆ cool or what?

V5.3 brings you a new Group Chat feature called MultiMx.
MultiMx allows you to create a MultiMx group from your main MXit Menu.

Give your group a name, select and invite your contacts you want to include in your MultiMx group and accept.

You are limited to the number of contacts you can invite from your contact list. (Max 7)

Invited contacts can accept or reject the request to join the MultiMx group.

The conversation can flow with all joining in at the same time. Similar to chatrooms, but with MultiMx you invite your personal online contacts.

There are no age restrictions or passwords required to join. A MXit user who creates the MultiMx Group can at any time invite more of his / her contacts if they are online.

Contacts who accepted a MultiMx invite, cannot invite their own contacts to this group. Only the creator of the group can do the inviting.

Just one side note: Currently we limit the amount of MultiMx rooms across the MXit Community to 3000 and a max number of 7 contacts per MultiMx Group.

So go forth and MultiMx.


How do I get MXit V5.3?
All you need to do in order to get MXit V5.3 is visit our wap site and download the latest MXit Version for your phone.

It is that simple.

Where can I find MultiMx on MXit?
Once you have MXit V5.3 on your phone and you have logged in.
Select MENU then you will see the following:

New MultiMx
View Splash

You can go ahead and select New MultiMx
Enter the MultiMx name that you want your Group to be called.

You can then send an invitation to and of your online contacts.
They will appear with a tick box next to their name.

Select your online contacts you want to invite to your MultiMx Group.
Once you have made your selections – Press ACCEPT

MXit will now display – Adding MultiMx

A new “contact” will appear on your contact list with the name which you had just given your MultiMx Group.

The MultiMx Group will appear in alphabetical order.

Go ahead and MultiMx!

How much does MultiMx cost?
There is no Moola cost to use MultiMx.

Thanks to all who managed to “beta test” the new MultiMx.


MXit has limited the number of rooms to 3000, I’m, guessing their servers can’t handle alot of rooms running at once, With lots of users in each, They’ve also limited to number of users to 7 per room.

A problem alot of users seem to be having is that they add a MultiMx and get the “Unavailable” Or “Limited Rooms” Error,
BUT they people they added whilst creating the room get invites to the room, and can join it and chat in it with out a hassle,
Yet the creator doesn’t get the Room added to his MXit, and can’t use it.
I personally am having this problem too.

Unsatisfied MXit users have been pouring in Complaints on the MXit forum… Heres Just a few of them:

Hey Mxit Team!

I’ve got some big problems concerning the new MultiMix:

1. I cant make groups because I get always either one of these two messages, ” MultiMix is Currently unavailable.” or,” Please try again later as our rooms are full.” It doesn’t make sense that 2000 are at easy the whole time!

2. When I do although make a group, then usually the message will pop up, “MultiMix is currently unavailable,” but yet my friends that i invited into that Group can chat etc in it. AnNd I cant find the chat anywhere on my contacts. they cant see me in the chat either! Only when io’m invited by someone to a chat do I get to chat in their room!

Please help ASAP as I REALLY would like to make FULL use of MultiMix ASAP……


With MultiMx … it says the rooms are limited and we must try a bit later but then the room is created !
The only thing is that the creator doesn’t get the room but everyone invited has access to it.
It’s getting flipping irritating trying to start a multiMix and you get not enough rooms error or what ever…. hurry up with it already.

I’m really disappointed with V5.3 coz I can’t create a room it always says its full and last nyt it said its unavailable. this really sucks. Cant u increase the number of rooms?
pleez do sumthing about this problem

My Opinions On This Issue:

Well MXit has developed an awesome new feature! But it hasn’t turned out so well.
Way too many problems with it, They need to take it down ONCE AGAIN and fix up all these bugs, And once tested and STABLE they can release it again, Right now its not stable at all and needs alot more work.

Maybe start working on better features…..*Cough* VoIP *Cough* ๐Ÿ˜€

What’s your opinions or views on the New Feature? Having the same problems? Post your opinions and views on This ๐Ÿ˜‰

For more Info goto:

And refer to the “V5” Forum.

Your are the first person in your social graph to know! Share it with your wwworld now ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ

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